Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playing with "Paper-Cloth" in the Studio--Oh the Sights You'll See

I just got back from my Florida vacation. Now, it is "catch up" time. I just thought I'd update you on what I've been doing (and seeing).

Yesterday, a friend and I worked in my studio making "paper-cloth." Well, we didn't actually "work;" we had fun! It was just SO much fun to put these pieces together. We used instructions from Kelli Perkins' book called "Stitch Alchemy, Combining Fabric + Paper for Mixed-Media Art." It was really easy and did I say FUN. We have the first step finished--which is making the base fabric. It has to dry before we can do anything else to it. We will be painting, stamping, inking, writing, and whatever else we might decide to do to the cloth once it is fully dry. These are my base pieces.

This piece was "spritzed" with blue and orange paint with some places on the original cloth masked off. I used an unbleached muslin as the base. The other pieces are tissue paper patterns, tissue paper, and old crossword puzzles.
This next piece was made from a fabric that was "antique." It was a really ugly left-over fabric with chickens and a chicken coop background pattern that I had used for a backing a LONG time ago. I thought, "What the heck; I can't ruin this one!" I think it will be interesting when I'm finished with it. (At least I won't be worried about "wasting" this fabric!) I used a little of everything on this piece--old maps, magazine cut outs, pictures, old crossword puzzles, old dryer sheets, tissue paper, stickers, and old invitations.
For this last fabric, I started with unbleached muslin. First, it was spritzed with blue and green paint. Next I added tissue paper, old crossword puzzles, pieces from an old AAA trip pack, and tissue paper pattern pieces.
...and now for the "Oh the Sights You'll See" part of the blog. This "sight" was captured at Deerfield Beach in Florida. I guess you'll see everything on a public beach, but...
Can you say, "Let's leave a little to the imagination!"

These girls actually do have on thong bathing suits. (I know that is hard to believe looking at this photo!)

I have some really cool photos I took for inspiration while I was in Florida too. I'll share those later. Stay tuned.

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