Friday, January 18, 2013

Chopped Liver

Ok, I know this is a gross picture, but it is the best way I can show you how much hand quilting I have done lately. My "underneath" fingers look like chopped liver from the many pricks they have received from days of quilting. Right now, they are SO chopped up and calloused that I can hardly feel the needle.

That hasn't stopped me, though, from working on this piece in my black and white series. I'm really anxious to get it to a point where I can begin tackling the finishing issues I'm sure to have when I get to that point. Here, you can see some of the hand quilting on this piece.

Back to work...there is LOTS more to get done. BTW, I'm linking up with Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday. Check out all the other wonderful websites featured there.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


If you are interested in some great giveaways, check out the And Then We Set It On Fire blog. During the first week of January I am responsible for the surface design tutorial. I have some favorite books, a DVD, and a company that I mentioned in my post on January 1. I like these things SO much that I asked the authors and the owner of the company if they would like to participate in a giveaway. They ALL graciously said they would like to participate! I am overjoyed that you all might be able to win these great resources.

What you will need to do is go to the Fire blog each day during the first week of January to get the information about the giveaway, then comment on the post that announces the giveaway (and I'd love for you to become an official "Follower" of this blog AND the Fire blog by clicking on "Join this site" on the right-hand side of the posts under "FOLLOWERS"). I'll be picking a winner for each of the giveaways later in the month.

Good luck!