Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beth/Lyric Project Week 11 (Balance); I Actually Got It Finished

As a reminder to those of you that don’t normally keep up with my blog (if you do, skip to the next paragraph), I have started a project that I’m calling the Beth/Lyric Project. In the spirit of the movie “Julie/Julia,” (i.e. Julie working through Julia Child’s cookbook) I have decided to work through the exercises in Lyric Kinard’s “Art + Quilt, Design Principles and Creativity Exercises” book. My goal is to get at least one of the exercises done each week. I’ll be posting my progress on Sundays. I’d love for you to work along with me. If you decide to do that, please post and let me know how you’re doing—send pictures too! If you have trouble leaving a comment on my blog, email me at

Well, I had a little bit of time to work on my Beth/Lyric Project and got it finished for this week. I even surprised myself (that I got it done)! It is raining outside, though, and the picture is rather dark. I had to take it in my studio instead of outside with natural light.

This week's exercise was all about "balance." When looking at a composition...for the piece to have balance...there is should be equal distribution of visual weight. There is room, though, for imbalance in a composition. Imbalance creates a sense of tension for the viewer. Anyway...the instructions said to "choose two fabrics, one dull and neutral, the other bright and lively." I had to create a balanced composition by cutting shapes from each fabric and placing them on a background piece. This is my composition...
In this piece, I placed the heaviest object at the bottom of the composition. I like the sense of movement I get when looking at this one. I think it sort of looks like a person; I can also see a road. I think I like the road concept better, because the orange pieces look (to me) like in not knowing which path to take. Hmmmm, I'm reading a lot into this exercise don't you think?

We were supposed to ask ourselves...

  • How much of each color do you need to use?

  • What would happen if you varied the size of the shapes?

  • What would happen if you added one more color to the mix?

  • What would happen if you changed the color values?

  • Can you create a work that is deliberately unbalanced?
Again, I didn't have time to add any embellishments or stitching to the work, but I would like to.

Next week the exercise is about "Scale." Come on...join me. I REALLY won't get that one finished in time to post on the Sunday it is "due." I WILL get it finished and posted ASAP.

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lyric said...

Honestly. THAT is why I teach and why I LOVE teaching. When someone moves beyond the fear and discovers the joy in creativity it makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you so much for the kind words.
(and to borrow a phrase...)
Carry On!