Monday, May 17, 2010

Call for Help--Handwriting Project by Jeanne Beck

Check out the new project I found at

Jeanne Beck is calling for some handwriting samples to use in her future art pieces. She gives the details in the blog post above. Those of you that know me know how much I love writing in art. This is a chance to have something of yours in a piece of art (even if you don't make it).


Laura said...

Hi--I just wanted to comment about your self-portrait on your blog, not about this handwriting project. I was curious about it -- does it show the two sides of you, or is there some other story associated with it? It's a wonderful piece, but I'm sure there's a story behind it. Would you like to share more info?

Quilter Beth said...

Actually, "Quilting Arts" magazine had a "call out" for self-portraits. This is what I did. It does show the two sides of me--one side dark/sharp/sad...the other side light/soft/curved/happy. It looks enough like me that my three year old grandson pointed to it and said, "Mimi!" (That is what he calls me.)

Thanks so much for asking and for the compliment.