Thursday, May 13, 2010

More from the Chicago International Quilt Festival 2010…

I still have pictures to share from the Chicago show. Here are a few more. Remember that you can click on the quilt to see a bigger (more detailed) picture.

“Units 1” by Benedicte Caneill from Larchmont, New York, is monoprinted, pieced, and machine quilted. Design Source: Rail Fence block. She says, “The Units series explores the construction of a whole piece using elemental geometric units which, when joined, create an abstract cityscape composition exploring line, color, and movement. As a resident of New York City for many years, I was influenced by the many lines and windows that define the cityscape. Those lines sometimes continuous, often interrupted, created a fascinating interplay. As I create marks on fabric through the monoprinting process, cut those fabrics and reassemble them, an imaginary abstract cityscape emerges reflecting my vision of this fascinating city.”

In an earlier post, I had a similar quilt done by the same artist. That quilt had more blues. I like the effect the monoprinted fabric has on an otherwise very traditional quilt. I think it makes it very contemporary.
Jessica Abraham’s quilt “Facades VI” is painted, printed, and machine quilted. She says, “The facades of apartment blocks conceal secrets behind their cellular and bland exteriors but upon demolition or decay these secrets are exposed. The usual delicate balance of what is concealed and what is revealed has been shattered. The detailing in the printed cloths contains layers of imagery from urban architecture, maps, and my writings.” Jessica is from Manchester, United Kingdom.

I liked the layers of this cloth. I LOVE writing on fabric, so (of course) I was drawn to this one.
“Beyond” was made by Kathryn Botsford from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. Techniques: Hand appliquéd, machine pieced, machine embellished, and machine quilted. Design Source: Inspired by the Lonni Rossi “Typospheres” fabric collection. She says, “This quilt was created to draw the viewers beyond what they know about their world and/or themselves. When we look beyond what we know, personal transformation can take place, and that has no borders.”

I really liked the movement in this quilt. The colors and textures also made this quilt exciting.
“Laurentian Foothills, inspired by Anne Savage’s Saint-Sauveur” is a group quilt made by Deborah Bates, Cathy Breedyk-Law, Mary Cope, Rebekah Crown, Margaret Dunsmore, Robin Field, Meredith Fillshire, Bethany Garner, Sandra Garner, Jean Gerster, Maggie Hannigan, Cynthia McNair, Carol Moore, Lynne Morin, Margaret Morris, Mary Pal, Judith Popiel, Elaine Quehl, Shirley White, Mitzi Zohar—all from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Techniques: Felted, machine pieced, machine appliquéd, hand and machine embroidered, hand and free-motion machine quilted. Design Source: The inspiration for this quit was the painting entitled Saint-Sauveur. “We were interested in celebrating the work of a female Canadian artist. We admired the beauty of this work and especially the rich colours used by the artist. A photograph of the painting was enlarged and cut into twenty pieces. Each quilter worked alone and when the pieces were assembled, we were excited by the result.”

I find it very interesting that even though they each did their "own thing" that these pieces go together so well. I think the "split" effect is even more eye catching than the piece would be had it all been done by one person.
Pat Doyle Mikrut created “Do You Like My Hat?” She is from Palos Park, Illinois. She says, “At our house, the first sign of spring was not a robin, but a new (or refurbished) hat.” Techniques: Machine appliqué, free-motion quilting, and paintstix. Materials: Cotton, satin, tulle, velvet, hand dyes, beads, lamé, silk pieces from friends and neighbors. Design Source: Original design.

This quilt made me smile. I hope it does the same for you.
Check back for more pictures from the show.


Anonymous said...

Beth, thanks for sharing for those who couldn't go. Neat quilts. maz

mslooney said...

A friend sent me to your blog. Enjoyed reading through things.
Do you give lectures and workshops for quilt guilds?
And where are you located?
Susi Looney
Tri-County Quilt Guild
Houston Texas