Saturday, January 21, 2017

Nashville Retreat--January 2017

I just got back from a quilt retreat held in Nashville, Indiana, at the Cornerstone Inn. What a wonderful time with some wonderful women. The weather even cooperated this year--no ice and snow like we had last year. One of the many reasons I love this retreat is because I get to spend some time with some of my "far-away" friends. 
Debby is from Tennessee, and Robin comes in from Minnesota.
Robin and I spent a bit of time checking out the Life Is Good store (and several other shops in Nashville).
Another big draw for this retreat is the Cornerstone Inn itself. This is a wonderful place with wonderful staff. The food isn't bad either! The breakfast is fabulous, and we are treated to an afternoon "snack" and evening dessert. It is REALLY hard to stick to a diet here. This is the afternoon "snack," and they keep refilling it when a container gets low.
A good time was had by all (and a lot of work was done) as you will be able to see in the following pictures.
This is one of the "work" rooms. We also have people in another room called "The Chapel."
I'm thinking the little animal quilt will make a sweet quilt for my new grand baby (coming in June). I LOVE the wonky houses in the other pic.
Jean works with lots of little pieces. She is the "leader" at this retreat.
Some people worked on whole quilts.
Some people worked on blocks and other small projects.
This retreat is so much fun that people even left vacations in Florida to be here! We also had a couple of women who came in casts. This is a "dedicated" bunch! I can't wait till the next one.

Monday, January 9, 2017

First Virtual Quilt Retreat

This past weekend my quilt guild ran a "virtual quilt retreat," on our Facebook page, for members of the guild. We worked on various sewing/quilting projects for four days. As we worked, we posted pics of what we were doing. It was fun for a variety of reasons--I got to "go" to a retreat and didn't have to pack up all my stuff, I could sew in my pajamas, I got to see what everyone else was working on, I got to share pics of what I was working on, I could ask questions/opinions of my fellow virtual retreat participants, and I had a little "push" to get some things finished. I'm happy with what I got done. I think the thing I'm most happy to have finished is the addition of the light border to my 365 Challenge quilt. (I still have a couple more borders to go.) It takes a long time to match seams when there are LOTS and LOTS of seams. This top is heavy already because of all the pieces in each block. The finished top will should measure 90" X 90"; I can't imagine how heavy it will be when I get it finished.
The largest block (not counting the central medallion) measures 6" finished. All of the dark blocks measure 3" finished. If you zoom in on this quilt top, you can see how many pieces are in some of these little blocks. I'm really happy with it so far.
I am still working on the rest of the blocks for this quilt and got several of those finished.
I included the dime in many of the pictures to show how small these blocks are. (All but one of the blocks finishes to 3". The one "big" block finishes to 6".) Let me just say...these blocks take a LONG time to cut and sew, so I was glad to get these finished. I got some hand sewing done too. I have to make four of these blocks for my "forever" hexie project--I already had two finished, and I worked on the third one.
I got the binding made for the baby quilt I'm working on along with three more 365 Challenge blocks.
All in all, I feel like the Virtual Retreat was a success (especially for the late notice I gave everyone). We had several participants--some of those getting whole quilts (notice I said "quiltS") pieced together. (I have the feeling that some people "attended" the retreat but didn't share any pictures along the way, too.) If you would like to check out what everyone did at our VR (virtual retreat), enter #PVQGVR1 (Patoka Valley Quilt Guild Virtual Retreat 1) into the search box in Facebook. I'm planning on having another VR (virtual retreat) in February.