Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did You Think I Wasn't Doing Anything?

I thought I had better post something since I hadn’t for a few days. I actually have been working on a few things—my Beth/Lyric Project exercise, sorting and organizing my fabric stash, and a table runner.

First, I have been working on my Beth/Lyric Project exercise. I have really had fun drawing and painting these pieces. I thought I’d give you a peak at them “in progress.”
Second, I have been folding and organizing my fabric stash and putting it into my fabric cabinets in my studio. I just LOVE looking at the colors. Do you notice what I notice? Obviously, I like dark fabrics. It is especially noticeable in my green and brown fabrics. I have lots of green and brown fabrics, but I have VERY little lights in either of those colorways. I guess I’ll just have to go fabric shopping to fill up on the colors I’m lacking!
Third, I have been working on a table runner for a gift. I have had this pattern for a long time but had never gotten around to making it. The pattern is called "Pumpkin Promenade" by Artful Offerings. The machine appliqué done, but I have to get it layered, basted, and quilted. The background looks white in this picture; actually it is a soft yellow fabric with a little print in it. I’m going to hand blanket-stitch (with dark brown thread) around the swirls on the little pumpkins. I think it will look cheery all through October and November. Hopefully, I’ll get it done by then!

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