Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Owensboro Area Quilt Show 2010--Last Installment

I went to the Owensboro Area Quilt Guild Show held at the Owensboro Science Museum in downtown Owensboro, KY, on Saturday, June 26. I took several pictures to share. This is my third (and last) blog post of pictures. Here is today’s virtual show...

Again, I'd like to mention that I have included all the information about the quilts that was available at the quilt show. It wasn't noted whether the quilts were made from patterns or whether they were the original work of the quilt makers.

“Confetti Stars” was made and quilted by Cheryl Robinson-Atwood. I love these bright colors. Doesn't the black just make them pop?
Deanna Kaminski made “Dennis’s Quilt.” Pam Mayo quilted it. Okay, okay, I like it all. I like these muted taupes too!
Let me say that this quilt was beautiful, but I always hesitate to take a picture of a whole cloth quilt. I don’t have a fancy camera and getting the quilting to show up is very difficult. I messed around with the brightness and contrast till you could see the stitching—at least I hope you can see the stitching. It was hand quilted and beautifully done. The quiltmaker is Betty Hawk.
I really like quilts with “paths” of any kind. This quilt is called “Crossroads” and was made by Martha Peters. Cleo Heflin machine quilted it. There are at least three blocks in the "path" that are turned the wrong way. Can you find them? (Hint...two of them are almost out of the picture.)
Now this quilt has lots of “bling.” “Feathered Jewels” is studded with many crystals and has lots of machine embroidery. It was made and machine quilted by Sharon Russelburg. Remember, you can click on the picture to see a bigger version of each picture.
I took a close up of one of the blocks. I thought maybe you could see the "bling" a little better, but the crystals just didn't show up very well on camera.
“Butterfly Love and Vines” was made by Mary McNeil and machine quilted by Terry Russelburg. I like the addition of the little four-patch blocks, and I had never seen a “double butterfly” like the ones in this quilt. I have a close up; check it out.

“Sampler” was made by Jerry, Sharon, Barry, Jane, Terri, Mark, Al, Mike, Varcia, Ronnie, Pat, Kenny and families. It is dedicated to their mother Elizabeth Bickett. It was made and quilted by Marilyn Bickett. What a wonderful family heirloom!
This block looks like some of the makers added their own sentiments about Elizabeth.
This "tree" was made using handprints.
One of the few non-traditional quilts at the show was “Treasures in the Sea.” It was made and quilted by Nancy Sterett Martin.
This fish looked SO real.
In this close up, you can see a jelly fish from the quilt. The jelly fish appears in the upper left-hand corner. This picture also shows the beautiful machine quilting.
I hope you enjoyed this "virtual quilt show."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Owensboro Area Quilt Show 2010--Installment 2

I went to the Owensboro Area Quilt Guild Show held at the Owensboro Science Museum in downtown Owensboro, KY, on Saturday, June 26. I took several pictures to share. This is my second blog post of pictures. Here is today’s virtual show…

I'd also like to note (again) that I have included all the information that was included at the show about the quilts. No information about the patterns were given (if patterns were used), and it wasn't noted whether the quilt was made from a pattern or whether it was an original work of the maker.

A few antique quilts were displayed downstairs where a simulated coal mine had been set up in the museum. I love this “string” quilt; I really like how it is put together. I think a quilt made from really “modern” fabrics would give this quilt a VERY contemporary look. Hmmmm…maybe that’s what I’ll work on next. The other thing I really like about this quilt is the pink “patch” on the right-hand side of the quilt. The quilt was certainly used.
The second antique quilt I photographed is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I took a picture of this quilt because of the way the maker used color. She didn’t make the “traditional” circle of the same color for the “flowers.” Hers looks almost like snowflakes. I also like the yellow (rather than green) “path” in the quilt.
This was a little bit different “take” on a “Turning Twenty Again” quilt. Guinn Trogden did some blue embroidery on this quilt to turn it into a nice holiday quilt. Terry Russelburg quilted snowflakes in some of the plain blocks to lend a wintery feel to the quilt.

This quilt was folded up, so I couldn’t get a really good picture of it, but you can get an idea of what it looks like. It is a good way to use large pieces of fabric. “Globes” was made and quilted by Cheryl Robinson-Atwood.
“Chocolate Decadence” was also folded, so it was hard to get a good picture. I really liked the subtle coloration of this quilt. It was made and quilted by Rita English.
This red, white, and black quilt was made by Margaret Scott and quilted by Terry Russelburg. It is called “Gift Boxes.” I want some of the border fabric for my stash!
This was a small quilt made by Karen Long Ball and quilted by Jane Pitt. It is called “Baby Star.”
This is another quilt made by Karen Long Ball called “Rocky Mountain II – 50%”. It was quilted by Rita English. The tiny squares in the inside border added a nice touch to this "rail fence" quilt.
“Cottage Sampler” was made by Debbie Royal and quilted by Pam Mayo. I really like the way the black sets off the sampler blocks in this quilt.
This quilt has 4550 pieces! It is called “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and was made and quilted by Rita English.
I have a few more pictures to share with you. I'll try to get them posted tomorrow, so check back.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Owensboro Area Quilt Show 2010--Installment 1

I had the opportunity to go to the Owensboro Area Quilt Guild Show held at the Owensboro Science Museum in downtown Owensboro, KY. I took some pictures to share with you. I’ll be posting them over a few days, so…here is today’s virtual show…

I would like to say that I have posted all the information that was available about each quilt. There were no "stories" about the quilts, and there was no information about whether the quilt was original or from a published/purchased pattern. The actual pattern names were not listed unless that is the title the maker gave their quilt.

This first quilt is called “Running on the Sahara,” and it was made by Donna Wirthwein. It was quilted by Pam Mayo.
The next quilt is a cute seasonal quilt. I believe there is a pumpkin block for every month. It is called “Great Pumpkins” and was made by Guinn Trogden. It was quilted by Terry Russelburg.
“Walking in a Winter Wonderland” is a redwork quilt made and hand embroidered by Lisa Barnhard. It was quilted by Pam Mayo.
“Stars and Strips” was made by Nina Sue Davis and quilted by Gerald R. Davis. This quilt is hand quilted.
This quilt is called “Patriotic Quilt” and was made by Jack Meyers. It was quilted by Eve Lacefield. All fifty states along with the state flower, state bird, state name, and the year it became a state are hand embroidered on this quilt. The blocks are numbered with the order each state became a state. You can see the number “554” (backwards) on the Louisiana block in the close-up shot. I’m wondering if some type of feedsack material might have been used for the background of the blocks. The lines dividing each block are made with a hand couched line of stitching.

“Harvest Time” was made by Amanda Harvey and quilted by Terry Russelburg.
Stay tuned for more pictures from the show.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Stitch & Bitch Show & Tell

Since I've been very non-productive lately, I thought I'd share Show & Tell from my Stitch & Bitch meeting last night. Now, these ladies have been productive!

This is Jane with her guild mystery quilt. Our quilt guild (Patoka Valley Quilt Guild) issued a challenge to our members. They wanted everyone to participate in making a mystery quilt. Parts to the mystery were handed out at the meetings over a series of months. The goal was to have the quilt completed in time for our guild's Show & Tell held at the June meeting.
Jane is working at using up some of her stash fabric, so she used left-over pieces from the mystery to piece the back for her quilt. Now, if we were a bit younger, this would be called a "modern" quilt!
This is Jane's Pinwheel Sampler. She got this pattern from the "P.S. i quilt" blog. She says it is still on the site ( Look on the right hand side under "Quilt Along." Each block is listed there. To see a picture of Rachel Griffith's Pinwheel Sampler quilt, head to this link ( The original pattern called for blocks that finish 12". Jane made hers smaller; hers finish 8". Plain borders are called for in the original pattern; Jane added a "piano key" border to hers (another way to use up pieces of fabric from her stash)
...and a matching back made from leftovers.
Jane "came into" some fabric samples from a salesperson and made this cute quilt from her fruit and vegetable samples. Doesn't the black just make it pop?
Robin made a table runner from her Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
This is a table topper she finished.
Robin made this "Comfort for Kids" quilt top for our guild service project. The Patoka Valley Quilt Guild provides quilts for kids in traumatic situations. Local police and firefighters carry some of these quilts with them so they may be given to children involved in accidents or trauma of any sort. Quilts are also given to Crisis Connection, a local group giving care to those involved in situations of domestic violence.
Mary Alice was busy machine quilting a baby quilt (for a gift). She got the quilting finished last night! This baby is going to love playing "I Spy" with Mommy.
Sandra made this felted purse. Don't you just love the colors?
What a productive and talented group of ladies I get to Stitch (and bitch) with!

This is What I've Been Doing--Spending Time with My Grandson

I HAVE finished quilting a table runner, but I can't post a picture of it until I give it to the recipient. I know it might seem like it, but I haven't totally given up quilting. Life took a turn, and I've been working at getting back in the quilting/creating groove. In the meantime, I've been spending as much time as I can with my grandson.

It has been SO hot and humid here in southern Indiana that nothing feels better than cold water. My grandson (Cade) spent the afternoon running through the sprinkler set up in my back yard. I spent the afternoon laughing, smiling, and taking pictures. (There is nothing like a child's simple joy to take your mind off of your grief.) I hope these make you smile too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nothing Makes Me More Tired...or More Happy

I have nothing "quilty" to share with you today; I had the great pleasure of keeping my three year old grandson ALL day. As I said in my title..."nothing makes me more tired or more happy." We dropped blueberries into yogurt and counted each one as they were eaten. We ran errands (where he "scored" a sticker and a sucker). WE made potato salad (Cade LOVES pickles and boiled eggs.) and Rice Krispy squares (He loves those too.). I set up the sprinkler and watched Cade run back and forth through the spray as he (and I) laughed like a lunatic. We read lots of books. (I hid three new ones in with the old ones; he had no trouble finding those right away.) We sang songs and laughed and laughed. Leave it to a child to bring things back into perspective. What a joy!

After such an "exciting" day, I may actually try to get a little machine quilting and/or hand stitching done tonight. ...yawn... 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Table Runner, Wall Hanging, and Some New Photos

I'm busy machine quilting a table runner and working on some hand stitching on my "Coloured Oak" wall hanging. I've decided to do all kinds of random hand embroidery on the wall hanging. Since Mom died, hand stitching seems to be the thing that gives me the most "peace." I tried to take a photo of it, but the embroidery is the same color as the fabric, and it just blends in. If I was a "real" photographer, I'm sure I could figure out some setting to use that would actually show the stitches. Maybe when I get more done it will show up. Anyway...I have a few more pictures to post that I took while we were in New Mexico. Maybe they will provide inspiration for some art pieces.
I'm really loving graffiti these days. I like the colors; I like the lines; I like the freedom of it.
These bottles were outside someone's home. I'm sure a creative spirit lives there. I loved the way the glass captured the sparkle of the sun.
I love locks. I like the color of this door and lock. I also really like the "hammered" look of the wood.
No, this dog isn't dead! He was just enjoying a bit of shade during the "dog days" of summer. (I had to "go there!") Now, I'd love to see a piece of art inspired by this photo!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting Started Again--Inspiration

I am anxious to start sewing again. I'm not sure that I feel all that "creative," so I think I'll just be following a pattern and/or doing some hand stitching. Keeping my hands busy lets my mind rest. I have some gifts that I need to work on along with lots of UFOs to complete. I sure don't lack for things to work on.

Since I haven't actually started sewing, I don't have any pictures to show you. I did (way back when) promise I would post some pictures of some of the trips I had taken that might inspire me (and you) to make a piece of art. All these pictures were taken when we were in Florida last fall and this spring.
I love the flowering plants. The colors are so brilliant.

I like the lines of the bamboo plant.
This orchid was such a brilliant "translucent" purple...I was really drawn to it.
I loved the "hot" colors of this plant.
I think the specks of color inspired me.
The lines of this palm really attracted me to it.
This was the biggest leaf I had ever seen. I loved the way the light was throwing spots onto the leaf.