Sunday, July 29, 2018

This and That

I have a whole lot of miscellaneous stuff to share with you in this post--a little catching up, a little show and tell, and a personal pic or two.

I have been working on my Kingfisher hexagon quilt. I have all the hexagon flowers hand appliquéd to the diamonds and all the setting triangles cut. I'm hoping to get this center section sewn together in the next couple of days. After that, two borders will be added--one of those having some appliquéd triangles added as embellishment.
Here are some "progress" pics. The first one is an example of "fussy cutting." I took the second picture of some hexies with my day lilies. The third is a pic of what it looked like when I was working on most of the appliqué--on the road. Thanks for driving Nate!

I have also been working on my "forever" hexagon project. I finished hand appliquéing the entire quilt to the ombre background just last night.
Libby makes it a challenge to work on it some days. There isn't room for her AND the quilt in my lap.
I had a chance to visit the Form Not Function exhibit at the Carnegie in New Albany, IN, before it closed. This is always a fantastic show--one I don't miss if I can help it. I didn't have anything ready to even TRY to get in this year, but one of my friends got in. I want to share her pic with you. This is my friend, Vickie Wheatley, with her piece called Anxieties #1: Imperfections. Congrats Vickie!
Stitch & Bitch was at my house this week. Three of the members are participating in a UFO Challenge. Each month they draw to determine which of their pieces has to be finished by the next meeting. One of the members from the UFO group was unable to attend, so I don't have a pic of her piece, but Jane and Mary Lou showed theirs.

I have visited my sister in Memphis and my son's family in Arkansas since my last post. My granddaughter turned five, so (of course) we had to be there for her birthday. She posed here with her new bicycle.
Here she is with her new unicorn backpack, lunchbox, and pencil pouch. She'll be going to kindergarten and MUST have the most fashionable accessories for those that have just turned five. LOL!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I haven't posted for a bit, but I have a REALLY GOOD excuse. I just got back from my second retreat this month, and I have pictures. The first retreat was held at the Gasthof in Montgomery, IN, by the Patoka Valley Quilt Guild (my local guild). Often, I get SO involved in what I’m doing that I forget to take pictures. That is what happened at this retreat. I wish I’d gotten more pics, but these are what I got.

I worked on the binding on my grandson’s quilt, and I finished my June Curtis Boehringer snowman wall hanging. You can see them here. I also finished a few of my hexie flowers for the Kingfisher Stitch-Along.
We had a great space in which to sew.
Here are the other pics I took at that retreat. 
Doesn’t the quilt on the top look like it actually ripples/waves. I think it is called Rolling Waves. The quilt on the bottom is huge and made of Civil War fabrics.

I even had a whole table to myself. (And I know you all will be shocked that I took over the unused table closest to me. LOL!)
My second retreat was with friends in Tennessee. This is the first time I’ve been to this retreat. As you can see in this next picture, the retreat is held at a nice wooded location. We ate our meals out on this porch (after moving the quilts, of course.)

I worked on my butterfly migration art quilt and
some more hexie flowers.
Here are some of the things everyone else got done at this retreat.

We even celebrated a special birthday while we were there.
I always enjoy going to a retreat. I LOVE the time I get to spend with friends, and I LOVE the uninterrupted time to work.

I also LOVE to visit family. I got the chance to attend my grandson's (Asa's) first birthday party in Arkansas. That boy LOVED his cake!
I also got to spend some time with the girls of the family. Here they are celebrating the 4th of July.
June Beth and I had a bit of fun with this selfie.
I guess you can see that she is quite a character!

Soooooo, that is what I've been up to. How about you?