Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Done Little by Little

My UFO Number 7 projects (check back in my blog to see them) are ready for the hand sewing of the binding. I got them both quilted and have machine sewn on the binding. I also finished the quilting for UFO Number 1 and got the binding machine sewn onto that this morning. I finished the machine applique and pieced together all three of the projects for UFO Number 3. They are now ready to have batting and backing cut for them. I really feel like I'm making some progress.

The problem is, though, that there are so many projects that I'd like to do that aren't on the UFO challenge list--my grandson's "Monster Quilt," a baby quilt for my niece (due April 1), a pieced Christmas quilt kit (that I'd use for a table cloth) I got at the Schaumburg quilt show, The Quilt Show Block of the Month Quilt, a quilt called "Wave Runner" (I have a kit.) from Marlous Designs (that I got when I was at the Schaumburg quilt show), a table topper called Little Charmers IV from Anka's Treasures (kit from Schaumburg), a wool felt table runner called In the Meadow (kit from Schaumburg) from Backyard Friends, the Goat Gazette Row by Row Quilt from Country Threads (I have one more row to do.), and many more! Does anyone else feel like there just aren't enough years in one's life to complete everything? ...and I want to do some art quilt stuff...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Working on UFOs

I spent the entire day yesterday working on my UFOs. I did get a lot accomplished. For the two that are due in January, I finished piecing and putting borders on the Reindeer Table Runner. I also cut batting and backing for it. I layered and basted it and finished the machine quilting. I made the binding and got it sewn on. Now, I have to hand sew the binding on. For my Lori Smith Bright Stars wall hanging...I got it finished to the point of hand sewing the binding on too. I also got the batting cut for three other UFO projects. I got the backing cut for two other projects. I layered those projects and got them pin basted. I got binding cut and made for one of the other UFOs.

I did have a little trouble with the Lori Smith Bright Stars UFO, though. I drew my quilting design (for the plain blocks) onto a piece of deli-wrap with a Sharpie pen. I then pinned the deli-wrap to a plain block and quilted through the deli wrap. When I got ready to remove the deli-wrap, the part of the deli-wrap that was under the thread (and, therefore, VERY difficult to remove every little piece of it) was black (the color of the Sharpie I used). It made it look like I had actually drawn the design onto the white plain blocks with the Sharpie pen. I couldn't loosen all the tiny pieces of deli-wrap, so I had to take out the quilting. That is not easily done. It probably took me close to an hour to get it all out. ...back to the drawing board... I got one of the pieces of deli-wrap that had the quilting design drawn onto it. I pinned it to the top of about 4-5 pieces of plain deli-wrap, and sewed through these pieces with an unthreaded needle. It pierced the design into the deli-wrap pieces underneath (thus transferring the design). I pinned those pierced pieces to the plain blocks, and quilted through them. All went well! The quilting designs look really nice--no black! Hopefully, this will save one of you from going through the same ordeal!

Friday, December 19, 2008

January UFO Chosen

Last night at Stitch & Bitch we drew the number of the UFO due in January. The number drawn was 7. That is my Reindeer Table Runner and my Lori Smith Bright Star Quilt. Both must be done by 9:00 p.m. on the night of our Stitch & Bitch meeting on January 15. I have started working on the Reindeer Table Runner today. I have the skinny inside borders and the outside borders added. Now, I need to cut the backing and batting, get it layered and basted, and begin quilting.

Number 6
This is my Amish Shadow Quilt. I have the top finished. It needs to be marked, layered, basted, quilted, and bound. I also have to cut the batting, backing, and binding.

Number 7

For UFO Number 7, I have to finish this Reindeer Table Runner and Lori Smith Bright Star Quilt. I have to add a skinny border and a wider border to the Reindeer Table Runner. I also will have to cut the backing and batting. Marking, layering, quilting, and binding will follow that. For the Bright Star Quilt, I have to cut the backing and binding. It will then have to marked, layered, quilted, and bound. (This is the project that has to be finished by January 15.)

Number 8
Number 8 consists of a Lori Smith Blue/Yellow Basket Quilt and a Lori Smith Half-Square Quilt. The basket quilt has to have the batting, backing, and binding cut and the marking, layering, basting, quilting, and binding done. The Half-Square Quilt already has the backing and batting cut. I have to cut the binding and mark, layer, quilt, then bind it.

Number 9
UFO Number 9 is my 4th of July-Red/White/Blue Quit. It is a quilt top that has been around for a LONG time. I don't have many 4th of July decorations, so I thought it might be good to finish this. The top is finished. I have to cut the backing, batting, and binding. I also have to mark it, layer it, quilt it, and bind it.

Number 10
Number 10 is the quilt that is due last. We are supposed to work on our Number 10 project throughout the year (however, last year most of us waited till the last month to work on Number 10 anyway). This is supposedly the project that we think will take us the longest amount of time to complete. This is the largest of my projects and I'm thinking of hand quilting this quilt. That is why I put it last. To finish it in time, I'll HAVE to start it before the last month and work on it throughout the year. I used fusible web to attach the appliques long enough to hand buttonhole (blanket) stitch around each piece. I am having trouble deciding how to quilt this it, though. Any ideas? I'd appreciate any comments you might have. One possibility is echo quilting, but I'm not sure how I'll like that since the flower heads themselves are so close to each other.

I was by myself when I took these pictures, so I didn't have anyone to help hold the quilts up. It was hard to get good pictures. I apologize that this picture isn't better.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally--UFO Challenge Choices

Well, my choices have been made for the UFO Challenge. The choices are numbered 1-10 (with the project Number 10 being the last project that has to be done). Projects 1-9 will be randomly drawn each month. Here are Numbers 1-5. I'll be posting 6-10 later.

Number 1
This is a Curtis Boehringer pattern. I'm calling this "December Snowman." The top is all that is done. It has to be marked, layered, quilted, and bound. I have to cut the backing and make the binding.

Number 2
This is a table runner--"Friendship Star Santa." This is a top only. It also must be marked, layered, quilted, and bound. The binding has been cut.

Number 3
This is another Christmas table runner. I didn't think this was enough for Number 3, so I have to finish three of these table runners whenever it is chosen. This particular one has only the three trees pieced together. I have yet to sew the star borders on. The other two have the applique on the blocks finished, but nothing has been pieced. All of these have to be marked, layered, quilted and bound. No backing or binding has been cut.

Number 4
This is a Lori Smith quilt. I'm calling it "Christmas Applique Quilt" for my list. The applique, piecing, and embroidery are done; but it has to be marked, layered, basted, and quilted. I still need to cut the batting, backing, and binding for the quilt. Once quilted, it will need to be bound.

Number 5
This quilt is Jan Patek's Four Seasons Quilt. I belong to her Wall Hanging Club and receive a pattern and fabric kit about four times a year. This quilt is layered and pin basted. It needs to be marked, quilted, and bound.
Do you get the idea that I don't really like the finishing part of the process? After looking at my unfinished projects, I'm coming to that conclusion. I DO like the feeling I get when a project is COMPLETELY finished, though.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Working on Paper Piecing

I have been working on a pattern for a paper piecing class for our guild. I had to design a pattern to use (so I didn't have to worry about copyright). This is the pattern I came up with using EQ6. The class is for beginners, so I didn't make it too difficult. I think we'll probably just get the simpler hearts done in the class; but once the students learn the technique, they could easily finish this little quilt. I figure it will make a nice wall hanging for February.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm away from home right now and having "sewing withdrawal." I'm thinking about all the UFOs I need to be working on (and picking out for the UFO club). I have decided to post pics of all the UFOs (for the club) I pick out for this coming year. I'm hoping it will give me a positive dose of reinforcement and push me to get even more done!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I finished the dog rag quilt for my great nephew. Again, the pattern number is Simplicity 4993.
Here is a closeup of the face. It is a little hard to see the ears in the first picture.

Today I'll be working on making another rag quilt--this time from my own pattern. I'll be using some of all of my flannel scraps to make this quilt. It needs to be much smaller than these quilts, because it is for my youngest great niece. I'm thinking of making a quilt with squares and rectangles with 3-dimensional flowers scattered here and there. We'll see what I come up with.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Down to Working on Gifts

Today I want to work on a blue dog rag quilt for my great nephew. I finished the pink cat rag quilt for my niece (shown here). It is made from different flannels. It is very cuddly! I think she will like it. She likes all things pink! The pattern is from Simplicity #4993. The pattern also includes instructions for a rag dog quilt and a rag teddy bear quilt. All are VERY cute. They are relatively easy to make, but I'm more used to quilting instructions. These instructions took a bit of getting used to.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting Started

I am new at blogging. I tried my hand at it on MySpace, but it was really difficult adding pics right in with the reading.

I'm a quilter. I love anything and everything that has to do with quilting. Right now I'm working on the blocks for the block of the month from The Quilt Show. I've posted one of them here.

Of course, I have way too many projects going right now. I'm working on a cat rag quilt for my great niece and a dog rag quilt for my great nephew. I'm also working on a "monster" quilt for my grandson.

In addition to these quilts, I have numerous UFOs (unfinished objects). I'm in a group that has a UFO club. We pick 10 quilt items that are started but not finished. We put $10 in the pot to begin. We number a paper from 1-10 and list the UFOs on that page (with the one that will take the longest to finish at number 10). Number 10 is due last. The order the rest of them must be finished is determined by a draw of cards at our monthly meetings. For example, at our next meeting someone will draw a number card (1-9). If the number is 3, we will look on our list to see what our Number 3 UFO is. That UFO must be finished by the next meeting. If it isn't, $5 must be paid to the "banker." Each month a new number is drawn. This has been a VERY good incentive to get these projects finished. It isn't the money so much as it is that no one wanted to be the first one to not get done! This has also helped to put a stop to unnecessary quilting purchases. We found ourselves questioning whether we could get finished with something else. Another advantage was that we were so fired up about getting these UFOs done that it spurred us on to finishing some things that weren't on our "official" UFO list. We are starting our second year of the club this month. I have enough projects to last quite a long time!