Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Virtual Fiber Arts Show from the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, MO

I recently visited St. Charles, MO, and its Foundry Art Centre. I felt fortunate to happen upon a great exhibit in their Gallery I & II. The current exhibit is called Fiber "Twenty Ten." The exhibit contains quilts, some 3-D fiber art, and some mixed media pieces. It will be available for viewing till May 14 with an opening reception being held on Friday, April 16, 2010, from 6-9 p.m. Check out their website for more information ( I asked permission to take some pictures to share with you. I tried to take pictures of a variety of fiber art's media. Here they are...

This piece was made by Patrick Nolan, St. Charles, Mo. It is titled “Galaxy” and is made from a recycled crazy quilt with buttons, costume jewelry, wire, etc. I couldn’t quit looking at this quilt. There was SO much to see.
I took this close up so you could get an idea about how much “stuff” is on this quilt. The squares and rectangles with black around them are three-dimensional, stuffed little pillows surrounded by what looks like black wool.
James Jagodzinski made “My Mother’s Eyes.” He is from Balto, MD. I love the variety of fabrics he used to make this piece.
Katherine Sands from Carmi, IL, made “…But Words Will Never Hurt Me #2.” I love the name of this quilt (one of the better names I’ve seen--it actually makes sense when viewing the quilt). The quilt is made from fiber decorated with dye, paint, and ink. You can see from the pictures the blue “stones.” The “sticks” are painted all around the "stones." Words are written all over the piece. I’m really “into” pieces with words, so I really like this one. I took a close up so you could see the elements of the piece a little better.
This piece drew my eye because it was so light and airy. It is mounted on a plexiglass frame which doesn't distract at all from the piece. It makes it look like it is floating. The piece is called “Grass” and was made by P. A. Moore from Carmel, CA. It is knitted lace. The colors didn't photograph very well; they are really much prettier in person.
Lialia Kuchman from Chicago, IL, made “Turtle.” This piece is a fiber tapestry. I like it because the colors are so brilliant. It reminds me of graffiti (which I’m really into these days).
The next two pieces were made by Naomi WanJiku from San Antonio, TX. Both pieces are made using fabric and yarns. The first is called “Serenity;” the second is called “Moon Dance.”
This is a close up.
“Growth I” was made by Jesse Fair from Slate Hill, NY. It is a mixed media piece that is needle felted, painted, and hand dyed.
Bob Adams from Lafayette, IN, made “Subdued Interplay.” There were no more details about the piece—no clue as to how the piece was made. I took a close up of it, because I found the stitching to be most interesting.
Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette from Fort Collins, CO, made “Chamber Pot.” This 3-D piece is made with zippers and thread. I really wanted to touch this piece (but didn’t). I like it a lot; I think it is very creative. 
“Cellular Dance II” was made by Karen Kamenetzky from Brattleboro, VT. The piece is made from artist dyed and painted cotton and silks and is embellished with yarns. It is hand and machine stitched.
Anne R. Parker c/o Reid Lewis from Belton, TX, made “Ribbons of Joy.”
Debo Crites from Columbia, MO, made “Vertical Landscapes.” It is constructed out of paper and rope.
I also took a close up of this one.
All in all, it was a good show. I'm really glad I stumbled upon it. Be sure to check out the Foundry Art Centre if you are ever in St. Charles. Let me know if you enjoyed this virtual visit.


Anonymous said...

really enjoyed your pictures. some interesting things being made.

Elizabeth Morisette said...

Thanks for this post. I am linking it on my blog. So often, you send work to a show and never see any pictures. You have made my day!

Naomi Wanjiku said...

I honored to be on your blog,and I am linking this to my blog.
Thank you.
Naomi Wanjiku

Sandy said...

Interesting pieces. thanks for sharing them.