Sunday, April 18, 2010

International Quilt Festival (Chicago 2010) "Quilt Show Booty"

I just got back from the International Quilt Festival in Chicago yesterday (April 17, 2010). I had such a good time.

First...a little Show & Tell. Here is my "quilt show booty." I "plundered" many a booth!
I bought solid fabrics (because I really don't have enough for the art quilts I'm working on these days and because they were only $1.50 per bundle). I got patterns, paints, earrings, discharge paste, a glue pen, Fray Block, a second Bendable Bright Light (because I'm too lazy to move it from one machine to another and because at $38 the price was too good to pass up--the "regular price" is $49.99), white and off-white natural silk, colorful fabric remnants, patterns, an Exacto knife, a quilt mailing tube, Citra-Solve, and an applique DVD...among other things.
...more patterns (I got 10 of them for $20--you just can't beat that price. I got all of these for $2 each except for the vest pattern.)...
Oh...this is more "booty" I just found...scissors, Texture Magic, a pin cushion (the last in a series of three from Country Threads), graffiti fabric (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fabric designed by Stephanie Brandenburg from the Fern Hill booth.), a table runner kit using more of her gorgeous fabric, and a "Frosted Donut" of prewound bobbins from Superior Threads (for doing applique when traveling).

...and this doesn't count the "stuff" I got at The Container Store and Ikea. Also, I purchased the embroidery bag from the Tutto booth (which they will be shipping to me). It is a good thing I only go to two big quilt shows a year. find time to put all this stuff away...and then to use it!

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