Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More from the International Quilt Festival (Chicago, 2010)

These are a few more pictures I took while I was at the Chicago International Quilt Festival held at Rosemont, IL.

“Pineappluchious” was made by Mary Beth Clark, from South Elgin, IL. Techniques: Paper pieced, appliquéd. Design Source: The inspiration for this quilt is the juicy joy of a sliced aromatic pineapple. It is amazing that we have wonderful produce year round. When in midwinter I can enjoy a juicy aromatic pineapple, I just have to rejoice with fabrics!

I loved the variety of yellows and greens used in this quilt. It really does look like pineapple slices.
“Spring Burning” was made by Ruth Powers from Carbondale, Kansas. She says, “Fire is an element of terrible beauty, at once beneficial and destructive. Whether started by lightning or man, it renews the land, encouraging the new shoots to emerge and insuring one mere season of lush grazing.” Techniques: Machine piecing, machine quilting (Bernina free-motion, non-regulated), extensively hand beaded. Materials: 100% commercial cottons, assorted threads and beads. Design Source: Original design.

The color and movement depicted in this quilt caught my eye.
“Evening Dandies-Lions, That Is!” was made by Leigh Layton from Indianapolis, Indiana. She says, “A wonderful batik spoke to me of lion faces and manes. I could just see them as dandelion blossoms ready to go to seed. Techniques: Machine appliqué, thread painting, beaded embellishment. Materials: Cotton fabric, batting, beads. Design Source: Original design.

This quilt made me smile. If you click on the picture to get a close up, you can see faces in the flowers.
“Vertigo” was made by Diane Nunez from Southfield, Michigan. Techniques: Wholecloth quilted, assemblage. She says, “I suffer from vertigo and spend a lot of time looking at life spinning by. Each episode is different; I never see things the same. Colors are constantly whirling. The movement I see is dimensional. This quilt was created to illustrate my perception.

The vibrant colors and the dimension drew me to this quilt.
“Rainbow Poppy” was made by Carol Schuetz, from Indianapolis, Indiana. Techniques: Disperse dyed, machine quilted, beaded. She says, “I love flowers, especially their colors, and I am uplifted by their beauty. I manipulated my poppy digital photo with Adobe Photoshop Elements and arrived at this design after working through many others. I see this as a rainbow poppy in my mind, and it makes me happy.

This quilt reminded me of a stained glass window.
These girls made me smile. I asked if I could take their picture, and they kindly gave me permission. I put them in the category of "Oh the Sites You'll See at a Quilt Show." They explained to me that they had come to the show before and once they had "fanned out to shop" they really had a hard time finding each other. They said with this "outfit," they could easily find each other. All they had to do was ask anyone if they had seen the lady with the bunny ears and tiara. If they had been spotted, people remembered!
I'll be posting more pictures as I get them edited. I'm heading to the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, though, and won't have time till I get back. Enjoy.

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