Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Won! I Won! Check Out the Shiisa Quilt Shop in Bloomington, IN.

I have a couple of things to share with you that I'm really excited about. First, my quilting tip was published in the new American Patchwork and Quilting (June 2010, Issue 104) magazine. I know it is a little thing...but I'm still excited. I really appreciated the fact that they sent me a free copy of the magazine in a manilla envelope before it appeared in the stores. Second, I won a fat-quarter bundle of fabric from the Shiisa Quilt shop in Bloomington, Indiana. I am a fan of Shiisa on Facebook, and we were asked to write a review of the shop. I love the shop, so I thought that was an easy task. My review was drawn (randomly) to win one of the FQ bundles. I'm picking it up on Tuesday. Of course, I'll take a picture and share it with you when I get a chance. Check out the shop if you get a chance. It is located at 2536 W Industrial Park Dr., Suite 5, in Bloomington, IN. If you need to call them, their number is 812-333-8311.

I have a Beth/Lyric Project exercise due tomorrow. I'm not sure I'll get that done. My husband is home, and we are going out with some friends. He'll also be home all day tomorrow. Since he isn't home very often, I really feel like I ought to spend a little time with him. Sometimes life intervenes on "deadlines."

I'm also working on my small painted whole-cloth quilt (in my previous post) and another piece. The "other piece" I'm working on is a piece that I had previously done. That finished piece measures 12" X 12". I'm enlarging that to make a more substantial piece (approximately 31" X 31"). I'm hoping to get that ready for the hand work portion before we leave to visit our son in Arkansas. That way I can work on it while I'm away from home.

Try something new; work outside your comfort zone. It will re-energize your creative spirit.


Debbie said...

cI saw your tip in the mag when I went thru my mountains of mail on Thurs evening. How cool is that!!! Congrats!!

k.crane said...

Congratulations Beth! It is very exciting.