Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back from the AQS Show in Paducah (2010), Pictures on Lyric Kinard's Blog

I just got back from the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, KY. I thought I'd share my "quilt booty" with you once again. My "haul" is much smaller than it was from the Chicago show (thankfully). I did get some great fabric from Hancock's of Paducah (for $3.98 a yard) and a nice piece from another vendor booth, I also picked up a Thermore batting, Clover "Black Gold Needles" for applique, applique pins, a Patchwork and Quilting "Anti-skid Place Mat" made by Bohin (that I'm thinking will be great to use instead of sandpaper when copying applique shapes to fabric), a Shibori jacket, two sample packs of batting (just the right size to use with my Beth/Lyric Project exercises), 2 yards of Lite Steam-a-Seam 2, a book ("Creative Dyeing for Fabric Art with Markers & Alcohol Inks), Kai 4 3/4" Patchwork Scissors with a micro-serrated edge, Kai 8 1/4" Patchwork Scissors with a micro-serrated edge, and a Clover Thread Pic (for hiding or removing stray threads from quilts).
Here is a closeup of my favorite fabric purchase.
All in all it was a good show, however...

I'd like to "vent" about the limitations on posting pictures from this AQS Quilt Show. The "powers that be" at AQS required permission from the artist of the quilt and AQS before any pictures of the show could be posted on the Internet. That makes it virtually impossible to post photos of the quilts unless you run into the artist at the show. I try to take pictures of quilts that people might not otherwise get to see. I don't generally take pictures of the award winners, because I feel that people will probably see those in magazines and such. I like to share the beautiful quilts that aren't fortunate enough to make it to the "Winner's Circle." That may be the only opportunity for those people that can't get to the show to see them. I did speak to two quilt artists and have photos of their quilts to share on my blog (with permission, of course). If I was one of the quilt artists that didn't win an award, I would be happy for people to get to see my entry. I'm thinking other artists feel that way too. On that note...

I had one of the artists from the "Fiber Twenty Ten" fiber arts show at The Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri, write a really nice comment about my pictures of that show. You can link to Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette's blog (called re/collections) here She is the artist that made one of my favorite pieces in that show. You can see my pictures from the show at if you missed them.

While I was in Paducah, I got to take a Surface Design Sampler class from Lyric Kinard. Needless to say, it was a wonderful class. Much to my surprise, she already has pictures of her Paducah classes on her blog--AND MY PICTURE IS THERE! Check it out at I'll be sharing my pictures of the class along with comments ASAP. Obviously, she is much more organized than I am to get her photos up so quickly! surprise to me!

I will be posting my TWO pictures of quilts from the show (along with pictures of some other things I saw and did) and more pictures from the Chicago show as soon as I can. Please check back.


MaggieB said...

You got a shibori jacket??? Pictures, we, okay I need PICTURES! WOW!

Hope you will be blogging on what the new arena was like etc.
I simply cannot imagine not staying in the Executive Inn!

Karen said...

It is disappointing that you can't post more pics of quilts, but I can understand why. It all comes down to copyright. Some artists don't want their work just floating out in cyberspace for anyone to grab and publish. Some of these artists could be compensated for pictures in magazines at a later date and if everyone has already seen it via the web, the pics become less valuable. There are also a couple of competitions that don't accept work that has been previously published on websites or blogs that are not their own. Thanks for sharing what you can!