Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm currently in Memphis, Tennessee, visiting my sister and her family. I'm definitely having quilting withdrawal! Have you ever experienced that? (She's a non-quilter.) I brought some hand sewing along--wool circles cut from various sizes and colors of wool to be sewn together with a blanket stitch and eventually stitched to a black background prairie-cloth fabric for a primitive coverlet--but I haven't worked on that because the lighting isn't really good enough. I find that I can't just "sit," so I have been shelling pecans from her pecan trees. I have two bags finished so far. It will be nice to have those to take home with me.

I just wanted to let you know when I'll write up a new blog. I'll be posting again with a picture of my finished 2008 The Quilt Show Block of the Month Quilt (Bouquets for a New Day) on Monday or Tuesday (16th or 17th). I also have a couple to items I want to review. I'll be posting one of those sometime next week too.

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