Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red It Is!--The Feathered Star is Set On Point

This is a picture of the 2009 Block of the Month Quilt from The Quilt Show with the February assignment completed. It is called "Stars for a New Day" and was designed by Sue Garman. (Remember, you can click on the picture to see a close up.) This month I had to set the feathered star on point and surrounded it by little 4-patches and some floater borders. I used the red fabric to set the feathered star on point. (This is the red for which many of you voted.) I used a blue wavy fabric for the floater borders to (hopefully) bring out the blue in the feathered star block. I am pleased with the outcome. Thank you again for your help. Oh, and I have included a picture of the required Sawtooth Stars for this installment. Eight of these 4" stars were assigned this month, but I made some extras while I had the time. These stars will be used in the very last border. I will have to make 72 of these in all!

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