Friday, February 20, 2009

New Review! (This time it is a book.)

A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick is a great read. The author says it “was inspired by the real life story of a wonderful and lovely lady.” I initially became interested in this book because of a review in The Country Threads Goat Gazette (a newsletter from Country Threads) by Sandy Anderson. A Single Thread is the touching story of four very different women whose lives become intertwined initially because of quilting. They become very important to each other as the story unfolds. Each of the women has circumstances in their lives that are difficult to deal with—divorce, death of a mother, loss of job, loss of love. They are surprised to find some much needed support from the new friends who came into their lives because of quilting. These women learn to depend on each other and work to make each other’s lives better.

There are lots of quilt-related books that I just can’t get into. They just aren’t “involved enough,” but I loved this book. I am interested in all things quilt related. I use my quilting as “therapy.” Quilting has brought many wonderful friendships into my life; I have met my best friends through quilting. This book parallels that part of my life. I could really relate to the characters and their circumstances. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but (trust me) A Single Thread is well worth the read.

Marie Bostwick, has a website ( which has features such as a blog, book excerpts, discussion guides, recipes, tips for writers, photo album, and more. Visitors who register as one of her “Reading Friends” have access to special features, can post in the forum, and are automatically entered in her monthly Reader’s Contest. Her Reading Friends who are also quilters have the opportunity to download a pattern for one of the quilts from the book—the “Broken Hearts Mending” quilt. It was designed by Chris Boersma Smith. You can write Marie to request a downloadable pattern for free! She says she has sewn one herself and will have a picture of it posted on her online photo album. This is only available via computer and only to her registered Reading Friends. What a nice bonus to a great book! I definitely will be looking for other books written by this author.


Kim said...

I like your review of Marie's book Beth. It sounds like the type I enjoy too. There is a book series about a women's knitting group that meets at a yarn shop in Seattle which gives me this same feeling as you describe when reading Marie's, and I am not a knitter! Good writers are to be applauded and savored. thx for this. I also really like you art quilts on this page. The profile is excellent.

Marie Bostwick said...

Hi Beth,

This is Marie Bostwick. Thanks so much for a lovely review. I'm so happy that A Single Thread struck a chord with you. And I LOVE your beautiful art quilts! What an incredible talent you have. Wish I could see you work in person. I've never seen a photo of a quilt that did justice to the actual quilt, so I can only imagine how gorgeous these must be "live".

Dana Siekman said...

Debbie gave Vicky and I each a copy of this book for Christmas. I loved it!!! I could hardly put it down until it was finished. I let Debbie "borrow" my copy after I finished since she hadn't read it but thought it was something she would like. It's not my normal read, but I will be reading more by this author.

maz said...

Beth; I plan on seeing if the library has a copy. Sounds good. Nothing like a good book at
the end of the day.