Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fabric Audition--Please Vote

A part of the newest assignment for the 2009 The Quilt Show Block of the Month Quilt (Stars for a New Day) is to set the feathered star block on point. I can't decide between the blue setting and the red setting. I like them both equally. I'm posting pics of both and asking for your help. Help me decide which fabric to use--blue or red. If you are a member of my quilt guild, email me at my quilt guild address to send your choice. If you are not a member of my quilt guild and don't have an email address for me, I'd still love your input. Leave a comment and let me know which setting color you prefer. Please leave your comment or send me an email before 9 p.m. EST Saturday night (February 7). I'm going to be working on this block Sunday.
I'll post and let you know which setting won.


quiltlion said...

I like the red better. It is easier on my eyes. Lyn G

diane said...

red it shouts out more
the blue looks faded in comparison.
The background goes nicley with the block
I vote red
Diane Heilers