Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I recently read Judy Laquidera's blog post about her first Quiltathon of the year. I really liked the idea and decided I would participate (as much as I can) and share the idea with my quilt guild. We are calling our Quiltathon a "PVQG (Patoka Valley Quilt Guild) Virtual Retreat." Judy has a good explanation for what a Quiltathon is--"If you’ve never participated in a Quiltathon, it’s basically just a time we set aside to sew as much as we can. We do everything we can possibly do ahead of time to free up our time for sewing." Our first virtual retreat will be held (in conjunction with Judy's) on January 5-8.  I have asked our guild members (and you--you don't have to be a guild member) to set aside as much time as you can, during those days, to sew. Share your progress on our Facebook page with comments and pictures. We'd love to see what everyone is working on and what everyone gets finished. I'm hoping at least SOME of the guild members will be sharing their plans and progress on the Facebook page. I'd love to share your progress with my blog readers too. Send me pics (or give me permission to use pics you have published on Facebook), and I'll publish them on my blog.  I have a few of these "PVQG Virtual Retreats" planned throughout the year. I'll post the dates in subsequent posts. Let me know what you think. Is this a good idea? Will you "play" with us?


Lisa Greenbow said...

It sounds like a good idea to me. I will be interested in seeing just what all goes on.

Dana Kroeger said...

What a fun idea. If I were farther along with my current project, setting up my sewing room in what was previously the guest bedroom so all of my "stuff" will be together and organized, and had some projects cut and ready to go, I would take you up on your offer. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get very far this morning, hoping to do better on day 2!