Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas To All

I've had a few days where I could work on some sewing at home, so I have really taken advantage of it.
I've been working on (and finished) a baby quilt top. (My son and his wife are having a baby next June.) I got this finished last night. (This pattern came from a 2006 Weekend Quilt from & Since I don't know whether the baby will be a boy or girl, I think this quilt will be appropriate for either. I imagine I'll be making more than one quilt. I'm not sure this is the one I'll settle on.
I have a whole sewing setup in the living room (so I can watch my taped shows while I work). I have an ironing, cutting, and sewing station; it is VERY efficient.
I've also been working on my 365 Challenge blocks. I'm really far behind on those. I did finish one of the corner 12 1/2" blocks

and several of the dark 3 1/2" blocks.

Merry Christmas!!!


Lisa Greenbow said...

I like the way you have your sewing station set up. Merry Christmas to you and Nate. Enjoy your family and friends. Cheers...

Robbie said...

Baby quilt is wonderful! And yes, you'll end up making more! HA I finally stopped several years ago...mainly since my DIL would put the quilts in the closet so they wouldn't get ruined! HA I finally told her the grands need to play with them! So I would bring them out weekly and kids and I would play with them on the floor, on our bodies, building tents...even took some outside! HA Happy holidays!!! And congrats on becoming a grandma (again?).

Dana Kroeger said...

Congrats on the news of another grandbaby! With the studio you created for your crafts I'm surprised to see your sewing station upstairs! Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. We didn't get to hear the saga of the Christmas fudge yet. Did you make it this year?

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous baby quilt! Those colors are so much easier for babies to see than pastels. Congratulations on the new baby - they are so precious, and being grandmother is much more fun than being mother. =) Merry Christmas!