Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quilting--Hand & Machine

I haven't had a lot to post lately, because I have been traveling and quilting. I've been working diligently but have little to show for it. Most of my projects take a LONG time to complete. Between my 365 Challenge (with TINY pieces) to my "forever" hexagon project (with LOTS and LOTS of 1/2" hexagons) and hand quilting in the meantime, my "art" quilts have taken a back seat.

I have been busy quilting two on-going projects. I really enjoy hand quilting when I have the time. It is VERY meditative for me. I love the slow rhythm of it; I love the feel of the needle and thread coming through the cloth. There is nothing that looks like hand quilting; I love the texture of a hand quilted piece--the "dimples" it makes in the cloth.

To date, I have hand quilted over 100 hours on my "Bouquets for a New Day" quilt (and have a long way to go). The Quilt Show hosted a BOM (block of the month) quilt awhile back; this is my version.

I wanted this one to have LOTS of quilting. Well, it does!

I'm also working on getting my latest "art" quilt (Scorched Earth) machine quilted. I have the main portion of the piece quilted and am now working to finish the background. I am quilting it on my Juki QVP sit-down quilting machine. I could not have quilted this one on my domestic machine. I tried that first--I thought I would use my walking foot to quilt straight lines on it., but that DID NOT work. The quilt is rather stiff (almost like leather), so getting this big quilt through the harp of my domestic machine was impossible. It turns out that I'm glad the domestic machine quilting didn't work. I am happy with the quilting I've done on my Juki, and it forced me to practice using that "new" machine. I get a bit more confident with every hour of quilting.

What are you up to? Do you like this cooler weather (if you have it)? Does the change in weather change what you work on? I know I do more quilting when the weather is cooler and more designing when it is warm. I am REALLY loving this fall weather--my favorite time of the year.



Robin Stewart said...

I am glad you are quilting on that machine!!! Let me know what you think of it. The hand quilted piece is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see you in December.

Robbie said...

Love your hand quilted piece!!! It's stunning!!! So is the other quilt but you know I'm such a handwork person (even though I can't/don't hand quilt!)...I appreciate the work when I see it. Nicely done!!!

Dana Kroeger said...

Your hand quilting is spectacular! That quilt is going to be awesome. Loved seeing your machine quilting also. You are doing a great job. I love this weather right now. Cool then warm then back to cool. I still have dirt to haul so I can landscape on the north side of house before it gets too cool. Trimming bushes and getting ready to come back indoors. I have been machine quilting Christmas stockings but it's slow going as I'm spending too much time outdoors yet.
Keep posting pictures of your projects! I love them all.

Lisa Greenbow said...

The hand quilting just makes my heart melt. I love the look. I can't imagine doing that. It takes a special talent and mind set. I like what is going on with the art quilt too. I can't wait to see it complete. You have plenty to keep you busy.
I on the other hand am using all my energy putting my garden to bed for the year. So much went undone due to traveling in spring and early summer, then the heat of mid summer and early fall. I feel like I am way behind but catching up.
I look forward to seeing your projects completed and seeing what new ideas begin to form.

Anonymous said...

Love that fall mum you have there. The season doesn't change what I'm working on, really. I just keep going straight ahead. I am preparing to switch from CQ to appliqué for next year, though. Just have been feeling the urge to qppliqué again, some by hand and some by machine. I love what you're doing on both the art quilt and the hand quilted one. Isn't it great that we don't have to choose, but can do it all?