Saturday, October 15, 2016

MORE Fabric!

"Hello. My name is Beth Schnellenberger, and I am a fabric addict!" Yep, I said it. When you look at my stash, you would think I don't need any more fabric. Well, I bought some more fabric.

On the left, you can see the contents from two of the other baskets I bought at the live auction at the PUPs Retreat in Memphis. (They auction off baskets of goodies to raise money for their next big retreat. I always buys a basket or two to support their efforts. If you'd like to see my "Kiss Me Goodnight" basket, check it out here.) I bought a basket of mostly yellows ("Hello Sunshine") and a miscellaneous box ("This & That"). I did give away some of the fabric, a ruler, and a couple of patterns from the two that I didn't think I would use. Besides the fabric, the basket contained some hand-stitched coasters, ten cloth hankies, some thread, and a Curtis Boehringer pattern. I am a collector of Curtis Boehringer quilt patterns; I have all twelve months of his snowmen patterns. I was excited to see this one included in the box.

On the right you can see MORE fabric. Unfortunately, our local Ben Franklin store is closing. It is the last place in my town to purchase good quality quilting fabric. I stopped by before I went to my latest quilt retreat and found that the fabric had been marked down 80%. The fabric had a pretty good presale price, so 80% off made it irresistible. I bought all that was left on these bolts for $1.29 per yard. I figure I can use most of the fabric for charity quilts. I like the bright fabrics for the kid's quilts I make.

Hopefully, I'll have a chance to get another charity quilt top made at my next retreat. We'll see.



Lisa Greenbow said...

Oh Beth, I know that "needy" feeling. Yours is fabric and mine are beads. I don't even use them often. It is like having a box of fabulous jewelry.

Robbie said...

You certainly are a good shopper! HA

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! There aren't that many Ben Franklins left! That's where I bought lots of good fabric in Lemmon, SD, and got Mettler large thread spools for $4.99. I bought a couple every time I went in all summer each year, and only this last year used the last of them. Now I've switched to Aurifil, but those were such great buys in a tiny town. You can always make room for more fabric. You never know just when you're going to need a good red or yellow or stripe or plaid or unusual print. =)