Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Making Progress on New Piece/Help Me

First, I'll ask for the help I need from you all. I have a piece in a "contest" on the Dick Blick website. My piece "Brain Freeze" (I call her Spike.) is my entry. I need you all to cast votes for the piece from now through August 7. You can vote on every device you have and vote multiple times--one vote on each device every 24 hours. I'd REALLY appreciate it. If you choose to vote (and vote, and vote, and vote, etc.), you will be asked for your name and email. You DO NOT have to give that (unless you want to) and your vote will still count. After you have voted, it asks for your info. Just go to the bottom of the form and click on "Skip this, and don't submit." You are still submitting a vote but NOT submitting your personal info. Come back to this blog post to get the website address (here) each time.

I have been working steadily on my latest piece until we went on vacation. (Vacations are REALLY cutting into my working time!) I DO have two quilting retreats coming up, though. I'm hoping to make some more progress on it at the first of those. Here is what I have done so far.

The black and white around the very outside edge (the background) of the piece is my design wall (the white) and felt (the black). (I didn't have a hunk of black felt large enough to put behind the whole piece and to cover the white of my design wall.) The white outline around the whole piece will be cut away when it is finished so the colors will rest directly against the black. You can't easily tell, but it is in two big pieces that have yet to be joined. I also have to finish stitching around each of the pieces. (I'm finished with about half of that.) The color portion of the piece measures approximately 75" in width and 25" in height. It is one of the bigger pieces I've ever done. It will have a solid black background when it is finished. I want a REALLY black black piece of fabric for the background, so I have ordered a couple of different blacks to see which is the darkest "purest" black. I think it will make the colors pop.

Of course, while I'm on vacation I always try to scope out the local quilt shops. I went to Little Blessings Quilt Shop in Crossville, TN, and bought a BEAUTIFUL stiletto/seam ripper hand made by the shop's owner. It is not only gorgeous, but it is VERY useful. I really love the heft of it; it has a great feeling in my hand. I sure hope I use the stiletto end more than the seam ripper end!

I found out that, while I'm here in Tennessee, I'm going to be fairly close to the home of one of my fellow blogging friends. Susan (from the DesertSky Quilting blog) and I corresponded back and forth and figured out a time we could get together. We are meeting for lunch tomorrow! I'm excited.



Lisa Greenbow said...

I always like to see what you are working on.
Lucky you getting to meet a blogging friend. Have fun!
Yes, I have voted for you...more than once. Good luck.

Robbie said...

Voted on my laptop! Will do the same with my tablet and phone!!! Good luck! Love the piece and the black is perfect. I purchased a black in Florida....I laid it beside all my other black fabrics and I was shocked at how black it was!!! Wish I could remember the name!! Maybe by Michael Miller...????

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new piece (and Brain Freeze, too! - voting daily) and can see why you want the darkest black. You chose a beautiful piece at Little Blessings. Here's hoping the stiletto end gets plenty of use. =) Love lunch today. It was so nice to meet your friend and husband, as well as you. That carrot cake was SO good - hope your blackberry pie was, too. I'll have to stop there next time I'm at the quilt shops that way and see if they have some for me to try.

Dana Kroeger said...

I have been voting faithfully. Love this new piece. Does it have a name or story yet?

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Beth. Stopped by from Nina Marie's blog. Beautiful piece you're showing here. By the way, the white between the black and colors is very striking...enjoyed visiting your blog and looking back on old posts. Love your work!
best from Tunisia, nadia