Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's In a Name?

I have made some progress on my new piece. The applique is done, the stitching is done on the top, and the piece has been appliquéd to the background. All that has gone (albeit slowly) fairly smoothly. Here's the latest photo; it is what I envisioned.

It is the largest art piece I have ever made coming in at approximately 75" wide and 25" high. That made it a REAL pain to baste (and I'm sure the quilting won't be any more fun since I'll have to deal with all that bulk in my machine). I started (and finished) the basting yesterday.

Here is the real tricky part for me. I have to give it a name. I can't just keep calling it "my new piece." I'm just terrible at coming up with names for my pieces. I think it sort of looks like a dry creek bed or the bottom of a canyon. As I was working on it, I kept thinking of dry ground and the swirling fires that result from the lack of water--drought, parched, canyon, arid, etc. What would you name it? I'd LOVE to hear any and ALL suggestions.



Lisa Greenbow said...

I have difficulty naming a new pet let alone an art piece.
I think you should go with your original thoughts. Hot and dry.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Torrid Trail

D Cresanto said...

The topaz trail

Robbie said...

I agree with Lisa! hence, unless someone else suggests a name I am lost and my pieces just don't get a name!
BUT I'm lovin this piece!!! And it is big!!! WOW!! Good luck!!! Look forward to your progress when you quilt it!!

Anonymous said...

Conflagration? I love it. It looks like a trail of fire through the middle.

Roxane Lessa said...

Beth, this piece is absolutely gorgeous! I love the movement and color. A piece this big would take a lot of ink to print out in color but it would help. Any ideas on how you will quilt it? I like the name Topaz Trail someone suggested. Also if you hate to pin baste (like I do) consider using pieces of Misty Fuse instead to fuse baste your layers together- that changed my life!