Friday, August 19, 2016

August--Nashville (Indiana) Retreat 2016

I just got back from my latest retreat in Nashville, Indiana. We get to stay at a great place called The Cornerstone Inn. I only get to see these ladies twice a year and really enjoy our time together. The girls at this retreat come from all over--Minnesota, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, and others. This retreat is less about work for me than pleasure. I only do handwork (primarily because the space is SO limited), spend time visiting, and spend time shopping. Nashville has some great little shops and some really good restaurants.

I finished the stitching and cutting out of my extreme embroidery piece. I still haven't decided how I will be displaying or finishing the piece. I also worked on some extreme embroidery pins, my "forever" hexagon quilt, and the hand quilting on my "Bouquets for a New Day" quilt.

Here are some pics of what other people worked on. Several people were working on blocks and didn't show their pieces. Robin worked on a child's quilt. How cute are these!

She finished this round robin quilt by putting on the buttons and yoyos.
She got the binding sewn onto this quilt and one other quilt she brought with her.
Rita finished this 3-D looking quilt top.
Debby was working on blocks from "The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt" book. (Love those oranges!)

Karen worked on the embroidery for this miniature.

Nancy finished this baby quilt top.

She also finished this "Bionic Bag." I LOVED this bag--it has LOTS of zippers and compartments. She used an adorable sewing-themed line of fabric from Moda.

I bought this little piece of pottery and the "rug" it is on from a great shop in Nashville. There is a "frog" inside the pottery to hold flowers and leaves or whatever you might want to showcase. Having this little flower at my "work" station during the retreat made me smile. I'm thinking I'll be taking it to retreats from now on.



Anonymous said...

That vase is so interesting. From the picture, it looks almost flat, but the flower looks very happy. I love your extreme embroidery piece - that's wonderful on every level. It sounds as if you were quite productive on this retreat. Thanks so much for sharing all the projects going on - I love seeing the variety of things people do at retreats.

Robbie said...

You are so lucky to have these retreats!!! I'm envious! I only get to go to bridal showers and weddings! HA Love your pottery purchase! Cool!

Dana Kroeger said...

I tried to pick my favorite project but I couldn't cull anything out! I loved them all! Good job to everyone!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Your Ikebana vase is fabulous. You don't see them available everywhere.
Of course everyone's work is great. Your piece is most interesting.
Fun, FUN for everyone.