Thursday, July 23, 2015

Theme--Peace/Brotherhood, Sacred Threads 2015

Peace/Brotherhood is a theme at this year's Sacred Threads exhibit in Herndon, VA. These are a few of the pieces in that section. The different interpretations of peace are very interesting. Enjoy.

The Pixieladies (Deb Cashatt & Kris Sazaki) said of War in Black and White, "We wanted to call attention to the apparent ease with which Americans embrace our war efforts ecause we aren't asked to make any sacrifices ourselves. What sacrifice do we make by slapping magnetized yellow ribbons on our cars in support of our toops? Made from newspaper headlines about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, this ribbon challenges the viewer to think about the reality behind the symbol, its fraying ends a stark reminder of the costs of waging a protracted "war on terrorism."" This quilt was actually the shape of a "ribbon." I've included a closeup so you can read some of the headlines.

"A woman leaping in mid-air with a swirling diaphanous gown, head tilted back, eyes closed, and arms out-stretched. This is a woman who is at peace, and is as free as the butterflies at her fingertips. Her floating image makes us breathe deeply and makes us wish we could join her." That is the description given by Jennifer Day of her quilt, Butterflies are Free.

Un-equal Until Death? was made by Randall Cook. He says, "The couple depicted has spent 22 years creating and living their lives together. The lack of marriage-equality makes their marriage less-than and not equal to heterosexual marriages. Depicting the couple in a somber and "un-couple-like" representation, with portions of the figures as mere ghost-like approximations, is an attempt to convey some of the emotions involved with this inequality."

The quilting on this quilt was spectacular.

Jean Herman says of her quilt, Anything Helps, "Anything Helps is my interpretation of brotherhood. The dominant figure of the homeless man is everybody's brother. The city shapes are beautiful to me and are the background for both the affluent and the down-and-out. Those of us that live in the city encounter homeless people on every corner. It is a quandary for all of us to decide to help someone who is our brother or give in to our fear of funding drugs and alcohol. The people surrounding the man are shadowy as my way of interpreting this personal dilemma."

My last post on Sacred Threads 2015 will be on the theme of spirituality. Come on back if you are interested.



Lisa Greenbow said...

Each of these are great. Several are very thought provoking. Amazing how fabric can be made into something so moving.

desertskyquilts said...

Wow, I would never have guessed the controversy that the topic of peace might produce! Thanks for sharing these.