Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Theme--Joy, Sacred Threads 2015

Joy is one of the themes explored by this year's Sacred Threads exhibit in Herndon, VA. You still have a chance to see it through July 26, 2015. It is a quilt show you should see in person if there is any way you can. I guarantee that you will be profoundly touched by the quilts.

Quilts bring me joy; this display of quilts made me smile. It wasn't really in the "joy" theme section; nonetheless, I felt this was the place for the picture.

This was the sign beside this LARGE pile of quilts. Isn't this a perfect explanation of why we make quilts.

Diane Doran's quilt, California Dreaming, has images of (what looks like to me) Queen Anne's lace. This plant brings a smile to my face every time I see it, because it was my Mom's favorite "flower." Diane says of her piece, "This quilt represents the joy I've felt on vacations with my husband and three sons. The three pelicans represent the boys, and the imagery is from photos taken on trips to Florida and California." It is just such a pleasing combination of color and imagery for me. I hope you find joy in it too.

Is there anything as joyful as a child enjoying their first snowfall? As I looked at this quilt, I felt a big smile spread across my face--I felt the joy in this quilt--in this child. Judy Warner says of Joy, "In 2013, my daughter and son-in-law adopted a special needs child. (She is missing some fingers and toes.) Last winter we all traveled to Colorado and she had her first real exposure to snow. This quilt captures her genuine joy at the experience--a joy we see every day in the way she greets and explores the world. She is not held back by her limitations, she is too busy saying, "YES" to life. Her joy in turn fills us with joy--amazing how that works!"

I guess I liked this next quilt, because I'm an old hippie. Teresa Shippy says of her quilt, VW Bus, "Happy memories of my brother piling all of us kids into his wild colorfuyl funky VW peace bus to spend a fun day at the beach! Priceless."

Heidi Heuerman says of her piece, Everything's Going to Be Alright, "I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my daughter to get back from a school field tripi. I was thinking about all the changes going on in my life and changes that neeeded to happen. Then I looked over and saw this beautiful statue. I felt a sense of calm, and knew that "Everything's Going to be Alright."

Has there been a time when you have wondered if everything was going to be alright? Did you get a sign that things would be better? What joy and peace of mind it would bring to receive such a gift. I could feel the joy radiate from this quilt.

Themes of Peace/Brotherhood and Spirituality are yet to come. Stay tuned.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

What a joy-FULL post. The first and the last ones are my favorites in this collection. The VWbus made the song "those were the day" come to mind. :) Signs...there have been many signs in my life for me to grab a hold of to hang on for another round of life.