Sunday, July 19, 2015

Theme--Inspiration, Sacred Threads 2015

Inspiration is one of the themes for this year's Sacred Threads exhibit. I'd like to share a few of the pieces that touched me as I viewed the exhibit in Herndon, VA.

The story behind "Annie, Give Us a Jig!" is one of my favorite stories from this year's exhibits.

This quilt was made by Lisa Arthaud. She says, "I remember the first time I met my future sister-in-law, Annie. She was working in a residential facility. As she turned down a hallway, an elderly resident abruptly bellowed out, "Hey Annie! Give us a jig!" Suddenly, this tiny, energetic woman with bouncy red curls joyously pranced and danced as laughter ensued.

Annie was diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma cancer in September, 2014. How do you live life knowing you are facing certain death? In Annie fashion, she recently donned my daughter's tutu and jigged.

With this quilt, I honor her spirit. Grieving, smiling, rememering, I attach that silly little tutu!"

Every morning when I brush my teeth, I give up a prayer of thanks for the clean, easily accessible water with which I am blessed. Cherrie Hampton's quilt speaks to the preciousness of clean water.

The story--"The sight of this young woman's intense pleasure while drinking from a newly dug fresh water well helps me to keep life's true needs in focus. It is difficult to believe that 5,000 children die daily from water-borne illnesses. Pure water is mankind's most profound requirement. Much of the world struggles with the day to day issues of finding and collecting water, often only finding contaminated water which is shared by animals. This woman inspires me to recreate her image so that others can also become aware of her need and our need to reach out and help."

If you read my blog very often, you know how enthralled with hand stitching I am. That is the first thing that drew me to this quilt; I LOVE the hand stitching on this piece called Hope in Uncertain Times by Debby Schnabel.

I HAD to include a closeup of the stitching.

Debby says, "This quilt, and espcially these words of the title, were a direct response to the horrific events that happened at the Sandy Hook elementary school, which was followed closely by the Boston Marathon bombings and the explosions in Texas. I have friends in all those areas. I am a blogger; and everywhere I read, I could see the uncertainty that was expressed in the face of such events. I found these verses in the Psalms, and they brought me great hope. Through this quilt I have been able to share that same hope with many people."

Themes of Joy and Peace/Brotherhood are coming next. Check back if you are interested in seeing some of those quilts. By all means if you get a chance, see this exhibit in person!



Robbie said...

Once again I am brought to tears but also wonder at these wonderful quilts! Thanks again for sharing more with us!

Lisa Greenbow said...

These are wonderful. The first one has such an uplifting spirit about it. The second brings home the thought that we should take care of our planet. The drought out west is so worrysome. I like the hand stitching on the other quilt as well. A positive message.

Teresa Duryea Wong said...

Beautiful stories. Thanks for sharing these and the quilt photos as well.

desertskyquilts said...

Oh, such wondrous quilts. How did you choose only this many? I loved each story, almost more than the quilts. Some people say it doesn't matter about the story of a quilt, you take away what it is to you, but I think, at least with these, the story matters. Thanks for sharing more.