Friday, July 10, 2015

19 Stars: Quilts of Indiana's Present and Past/Road Trip

I received this information via email today. I think it sounds like cause for a road trip. Read on to hear about a quilt exhibition at the Indiana State Museum (in Indianapolis) through October 4. I hope I get a chance to see it. I'm curious about the "contemporary examples" of star-themed quilts and which of "Indiana's best quilt artists" are included in this exhibit. Also, if you decide to take a road trip to Indy, be sure to check out the shops I have listed at the end of this post. They are some of my favorites.

The following information comes from the IndyArtsGuide, and initiative of the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

"Hoosiers will be introduced to a special body of quilts during the exhibition 19 Stars: Quilts of Indiana’s Present and Past on view June 13 through October 4 at the Indiana State Museum.

The exhibition will feature a mixed collection of 38 historic and contemporary examples of star-themed quilts drawn from the museum’s collection as well as loans from some of Indiana’s best quilt artists. The majority of contemporary quilts were created specifically for the exhibit, which will fill two galleries on Level 3 of the museum.

    “It’s a pleasure to share these remarkably preserved pieces of history along with several new contemporary creations,” said Mary Jane Teeters-Eichacker, curator of social history. “We want to begin the Indiana State Bicentennial celebration with an aesthetically striking exhibit that symbolizes our state and its place as the nineteenth state in the union and the nineteenth star on our flag.”

    The State Museum’s quilt Blazing Star is the oldest quilt in the show, dating back to the period 1835-1843. The exhibit includes several Indiana Amish quilts from the museum’s world-famous Pottinger Collection, as well as quilts representing the new directions of 21st century quilt art.

    “There’s such an exciting variety in the ways the contemporary artists interpreted the star theme; elaborate piecework, fabric collage, painting with oils or with thread, hand and machine quilting. It makes the imagination sing,” added Teeters-Eichacker."

    Click here to find out more about the Indiana State Museum.


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    Mon, Jul 13 - 10am

If you take a road trip to Indy, you might hit some of the good quilting/fiber shops too. These are some of my favorites.

  1. The French Seam is a really unique shop on 82nd street. They carry lots of different types of fabrics from beautiful silks to quilting cottons. They have a nice selection of buttons, ribbons, notions, and patterns. They have everything from vintage to modern items. It is a small shop, but it is packed with interesting things. While you are at the French Seam, be sure to visit Knit Stop. It is located just a few doors down. You'll like it even if you are not a knitter. They have a fabulous selection of yarns and "threads." (Remember, we can use those yarns for embellishment!)
  2. The Back Door is located in Greenwood (just south of Indy) and is primarily for the traditional quilter. This is a friendly shop with LOTS of fabric, books, patterns, notions, and samples.
  3. Quilts Plus, on 86th Street, is another primarily traditional shop. They have a large selection of books, patterns, fabrics, and wool. You'll like the ladies here; they are very friendly and helpful.
  4. Crimson Tate is right downtown (on Mass Ave). They definitely have a "modern quilt" asthetic. They are very involved in the community and offer classes.



Dana Kroeger said...

This certainly does sound like an exhibit to see. Thanks for sharing.

Robbie said...

If I wasn't such a stick in the mud! And tomorrow we are adopting a 3 year old Bichon female to give our Kalee a sister! So now I'll be staying a home more and more! step son and family live in Mitchell, IN. Good reason to visit them!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Now this is one that is close enough I might even get to see it. Thanks for the info.

Barbara Triscari said...

I have seen the exhibit and it is very well curated. I enjoyed seeing the old quilts and they range up to one from 1980, but are mostly antique/vintage. The contemporary quilts had a nice mix including some art quilts (Ellen Ann Eddy and Sisto) Cathy Franks, Caryl Shuetz, Judy Pleiss are some names from the top of my head. The Quilters Guild of Indy is doing demos outside the exhibit during periods when they have groups visiting, so you may find quilters there. It is fun to interact with the viewers before/after they see the quilts. The museum is along the canal, so be sure to get out and have a walk along the canal if you come and the weather is good. They have a good restaurant at the museum, but I like to walk next door to the Eitlejorg because I like their best. I hope you get up here to see it! It is not huge, but it is nice.