Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Terrific Tutorial Tuesday--Quilt Patterns & Machine Quilting Patterns

If you ever looking to find a cute quilt pattern to use, here is a great site. Sarah and Anna have done the work required to find 25 nice quilt pattern tutorials for us. Check out their "Quackadoodle Quilt" blog post.

Now, when you are ready to quilt those quilts, you might find a machine quilting tutorial handy. Well...they have also done a post on 12 machine quilting tutorials here.

Thanks Anna and Sarah!


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Laura McGrath said...

This was sure timely for me, I need to make two baby quilts in the next week or so for my niece! I hate to waste time looking for patterns on the internet, as I usually get distracted by other things and lose my focus. Thanks, Beth, I needed this!