Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Marbling Play Date

I purchased a Quilting Arts DVD on marbling by Jo Fitsell (you can get it here) several weeks back and just had a chance to try some marbling this past weekend. A friend of mine came over for a couple of days of play. We spent a day and a half trying out different techniques from the DVD. What fun! Pat is busy hanging up our newly marbled and rinsed fabric. Look at these beautiful colors.

Pat and I had both soaked our fabrics in alum before we got together. When she got to my house, we started by setting up our carrageenan solution ("size" as Dharma calls the liquid on which the paints float) in photo trays and arranging our tables to accommodate all our supplies. We waited about four hours before we used the "size."

The way the paints spread over the surface of the "size" is magical. (We used Golden Fluid Acrylics mixed half and half with water.) Here is a picture of what the paints look like on the surface.
Here Pat is placing a piece of fabric into the photo tray. When this piece came out, the dark areas of paint resembled leaves.

I took pictures of the fabrics I marbled. I'll post those next time. Stay tuned...



Laura said...

I tried marbling last summer and thought it was really fun. Love your results, maybe I'll have to do it again soon!

Unknown said...

Love the results! Beautiful!