Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Terrific Tutorial Tuesday

I've been working on some scrap quilts lately, so my focus this week (and maybe several more weeks) is on scrap quilts. As a scrap hoarder collector, I'm always looking for scrap projects that strike my fancy. If you, like me, have some scraps you'd like to put to good use, check out these posts.

Over at My Poppet blog, Cintia has a couple of projects I think you'll like. The first project is a hexagon table runner. It is a great "on-the-go" project--nice for the summer. She has a great way to finish the edges. (Finishing the edges has always been a problem for me, so I was very interested in this edge finish method. I think it might actually work for me.) Take a look at it here--Hexagon Table Runner Tutorial.

The second project is a project I love, because there is not really a pattern--just a suggestion. The "directions" really allow YOU to decide how the quilt will look. Cintia calls it The Haphazard Quilt. I'm definitely interested in making one of these.

The last quilt I'd like to share this week is basically a Chinese Coins quilt. I have made several of these; they are SO easy to make and look great. Another BIG plus is that there is no matching of points or seams. The Chinese Coins quilt I made for my daughter YEARS ago is still the one she snuggles under to watch TV. I believe this particular one is called a "Strippers" quilt and was made by Michelle Foster. This quilt uses lots of scrap strips, and you can use up some of those REALLY ugly fabrics--you know, those fabrics that you can't bear to part with but you don't know why you ever bought them. You won't even notice how ugly these fabrics are in this quilt. Now, I would probably sew my strips into sets and sub-cut them into the vertical rows; this pattern calls for cutting each strip to the row width as you go. I'm sure which method would be best depends on the number of scraps you have along with their length. Check out both of these posts--Strippers Post 1, Strippers Post 2.

Isn't scrap quilting fun!

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Unknown said...

I kind of like the haphazard style, for a change. Great way to use up those scraps! (or try to!)