Thursday, July 11, 2013

Product Review--Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic

It's been awhile since I have reviewed any products, but I had to tell you about this one. The Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic is a GREAT tool. I know that because I just had to use it.

It is a long story, but the short of it is I had to clean something off of a table runner I was getting ready to bind. The background of the table runner is white. When it got wet, I saw a little dark blue thread that had gotten caught between the layers. I try to be careful and remove all the stray threads, but this one got by me. OH NO...WHAT SHOULD I DO? Then I remembered I had purchased a tool just for that purpose. The REAL question was, though, could I find it. YES!!!! I took the cap off, inserted the tool, and easily pulled out the stray thread. The tool didn't leave a puncture mark.

I was REALLY thankful to have this tool. If this type of thing EVER happens to you, this tool is WELL worth the price. The best price I found was on Etsy ($5 + $2.50 shipping), but you can find it a lot of other places.

Here is what it looks like...

There might even be some other uses for this product. The Etsy site says that in addition to what I used it for you can hide broken threads, pull threads to the inside of a project, correct mistakes in corners, use it to hold your project in place while stitching, and push edges for quick turn applique projects.

Give this one a try.


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Unknown said...

Looks like to could come in very handy!