Friday, June 18, 2010

Table Runner, Wall Hanging, and Some New Photos

I'm busy machine quilting a table runner and working on some hand stitching on my "Coloured Oak" wall hanging. I've decided to do all kinds of random hand embroidery on the wall hanging. Since Mom died, hand stitching seems to be the thing that gives me the most "peace." I tried to take a photo of it, but the embroidery is the same color as the fabric, and it just blends in. If I was a "real" photographer, I'm sure I could figure out some setting to use that would actually show the stitches. Maybe when I get more done it will show up. Anyway...I have a few more pictures to post that I took while we were in New Mexico. Maybe they will provide inspiration for some art pieces.
I'm really loving graffiti these days. I like the colors; I like the lines; I like the freedom of it.
These bottles were outside someone's home. I'm sure a creative spirit lives there. I loved the way the glass captured the sparkle of the sun.
I love locks. I like the color of this door and lock. I also really like the "hammered" look of the wood.
No, this dog isn't dead! He was just enjoying a bit of shade during the "dog days" of summer. (I had to "go there!") Now, I'd love to see a piece of art inspired by this photo!


Anonymous said...

I love the bottle sculpture.

I just took some graffiti photos for inspiration, too.

K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

I am so excited after reading your post. i can't wait to see your handstitching over your other work. Can't wait! All of these photos inspire me as I sit here sipping my espresso this morning. Thanks girl!