Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Owensboro Area Quilt Show 2010--Last Installment

I went to the Owensboro Area Quilt Guild Show held at the Owensboro Science Museum in downtown Owensboro, KY, on Saturday, June 26. I took several pictures to share. This is my third (and last) blog post of pictures. Here is today’s virtual show...

Again, I'd like to mention that I have included all the information about the quilts that was available at the quilt show. It wasn't noted whether the quilts were made from patterns or whether they were the original work of the quilt makers.

“Confetti Stars” was made and quilted by Cheryl Robinson-Atwood. I love these bright colors. Doesn't the black just make them pop?
Deanna Kaminski made “Dennis’s Quilt.” Pam Mayo quilted it. Okay, okay, I like it all. I like these muted taupes too!
Let me say that this quilt was beautiful, but I always hesitate to take a picture of a whole cloth quilt. I don’t have a fancy camera and getting the quilting to show up is very difficult. I messed around with the brightness and contrast till you could see the stitching—at least I hope you can see the stitching. It was hand quilted and beautifully done. The quiltmaker is Betty Hawk.
I really like quilts with “paths” of any kind. This quilt is called “Crossroads” and was made by Martha Peters. Cleo Heflin machine quilted it. There are at least three blocks in the "path" that are turned the wrong way. Can you find them? (Hint...two of them are almost out of the picture.)
Now this quilt has lots of “bling.” “Feathered Jewels” is studded with many crystals and has lots of machine embroidery. It was made and machine quilted by Sharon Russelburg. Remember, you can click on the picture to see a bigger version of each picture.
I took a close up of one of the blocks. I thought maybe you could see the "bling" a little better, but the crystals just didn't show up very well on camera.
“Butterfly Love and Vines” was made by Mary McNeil and machine quilted by Terry Russelburg. I like the addition of the little four-patch blocks, and I had never seen a “double butterfly” like the ones in this quilt. I have a close up; check it out.

“Sampler” was made by Jerry, Sharon, Barry, Jane, Terri, Mark, Al, Mike, Varcia, Ronnie, Pat, Kenny and families. It is dedicated to their mother Elizabeth Bickett. It was made and quilted by Marilyn Bickett. What a wonderful family heirloom!
This block looks like some of the makers added their own sentiments about Elizabeth.
This "tree" was made using handprints.
One of the few non-traditional quilts at the show was “Treasures in the Sea.” It was made and quilted by Nancy Sterett Martin.
This fish looked SO real.
In this close up, you can see a jelly fish from the quilt. The jelly fish appears in the upper left-hand corner. This picture also shows the beautiful machine quilting.
I hope you enjoyed this "virtual quilt show."

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Julie Ryan said...

My favourites were the whole cloth quilt - would like to have been able to see the individual stitches, Treasures of the Sea - almost surreal, and the Butterflies - the colour palette was a bit bright for me but beautiful composition. Thanks for sharing Beth.