Monday, February 8, 2010

Quilting Studio/Sewing Room Update—Finally

Okay, I’ve decided that maybe I had better not use the term quilting “studio.” I’ve decided there might be too much pressure to actually produce some “real” art if I call it a “studio.” ...and how scary is that? I think I’m going back to calling it a quilting room. Maybe I need a name for it…like the Quilting Den or the Lion’s Den (since I’m a Leo). I’m sure there are better names out there. Help me out. Submit some great names for my sewing room (notice I said “sewing room”). If you have trouble submitting a name in the “Comment” section, drop me an email at I’d really LOVE to hear from you.

As for the Beth/Lyric Project (a project I'm doing with the book "Art + Quilt" by Lyric Kinard)...(see, so far...Composition 1 has one more "vote" than the rest. I'd love it if you would weigh in. Leave a comment (or email me at and let me know which composition you like best. If you are doing the project with me, be gathering your neutral materials for Exercise 2. I'm working on mine today. I'm hoping I can get it finished in time to post on Sunday.

Now...on to the "quilting room"....The furniture has finally been moved down. YEAH!!!!!!! (I hired a young football player and two of his cousins to do the heavy lifting after my husband strained his back helping my son-in-law move the cabinet for the “coffee area” downstairs.) Keep in mind that I don't have anything on the walls yet. I think I need to "live" in the space a little before I decide what "feels" right.

Below is a picture of my “coffee area.” I have my Keurig coffee pot ready and the cabinets above it stocked with five different kinds of coffees and countless mugs. The counter top itself can be used for work space. Notice I have some of my thread stored in the large glass container. It is pretty and I can see the threads. The problem comes when the thread I want out of the container is one of those on the bottom! I also have stored some quilt tops above the cabinets.
This is a picture of my actual working space. My sewing machine (in its Horn cabinet) is on the left. My ironing station is under the window. (See the next picture for a closer look.) In the corner, you can see my small TV on a “microwave” cart that I'm using to store UFOs. To the right of that are the cabinets that hold my fabric. I’m busy refolding all my fabric so that it is easy to see and looks nice on the shelves. (We’ll see how long that lasts!) Once I get that done, I’ll take a picture of it. I want to document (probably) the one and only time it looks really nice. In front, with the stool, you can see my cutting/work table. My dad made this for me. It can easily be taken down as the top just “sits” on the hinged “legs.” (I leave it up all the time.)

I have a Big Board on top of a Container Store “table” that I put together. I have metal grids on either end where I use “S” hooks to hang various quilting items. You can see I have hung some rulers and such on the front using shower curtain hooks.
This area is to the left of my “coffee area.” The shelves hold clear shoe boxes that contain scraps separated by color and strips separated by width. I know this is silly, but I LOVE my wastebasket. It is a Simple Human wastebasket purchased from Target. On the right is my dehumidifier (since this is a basement). The little colored shelves in the middle hold things like small tools, stamps, charm packs, and other “necessities.”
This is a picture of what you would see if you were sitting in one of my “sitting area” chairs. I put a magazine rack under the big TV, used my “coffee table” to display a quilt and quilt art book, and put a glass jar on the floor to the right of the TV to store buttons.
I have to tell you, I am thrilled to have this sewing space. I can’t wait to get down there every day.


lyric said...

whoa! your studio looks like paradise!

vicky said...

Beth, I love your (sewing room)what a wonderful space to call your own.
I'll have to think abit before I sumit a name for your room!