Monday, February 15, 2010

Helen's Table Topper

This is a picture of the table topper I finished quilting and binding this past week. I made it for my step-mother. I wanted to make her a spring table topper and drew this up with her in mind. She is also getting the “matching” table runner. I finally used the Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker I bought. Actually, I bought every size yoyo maker. (They were gadgets I just “had” to have!) I have found I REALLY like making yoyos now. I’m trying to think of ways to incorporate them into more contemporary quilts.
Here is a closeup of the quilting. I am hoping the quilting makes it look a little more like each quarter-block is a flower petal. Here is the "matching" table runner.
It has been snowing all day--beautiful, beautiful snow. I hadn't really planned on having this day to work around the house. (I had originally planned on going to a quilt exhibit at the University of Evansville.) Anyway, I got some things done that really needed to be done...I put together two 10-drawer units for my "studio," I put together a chair to take to the upcoming guild quilting retreat, I finished quilting my next Beth/Lyric Project exercise, and I shoveled 7-inch deep snow out of the driveway. I'm heading down to the "studio" to get some things together to take to the retreat. There is just SO much to choose from...

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