Sunday, February 21, 2010

1 Million Pillowcase Challenge--First Pictures of the Patoka Valley Quilt Guild Spring Mill Retreat

The Winter Retreat of the Patoka Valley Quilt Guild was held February 19, 20, 21, at the Spring Mill State Park Inn in Mitchell, IN. This year, members participated in a charity project during the retreat called the "APQ-1 Million Pillowcase Challenge." APQ has challenged all quilters, sewers, and crafters to join American Patchwork & Quilting to "Make a Pillowcase, Make a Difference. Every pillowcase can make a difference in your community. A pillowcase can provide comfort for a cancer patient, hope for a foster child, encouragement for a battered woman, or beauty for a nursing home resident." Retreat participants completed 35 pillowcases during the retreat. Guild members that did not attend the retreat will be bringing their completed pillowcases to the guild meeting on March 2. Join the cause and report the number of pillowcases donated at

Everyone was busy making pillowcases. Here are a couple of pictures of a few of them.

I'll be posting more pictures of individual projects from the retreat in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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