Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quilt Extravaganza at "The New Gallery" in Evansville

This is the first picture I took when I attended the "Quilt Extravaganza" exhibit at The New Gallery at U of E in Evansville, IN. Information about the exhibit is on my "Local Events" sidebar. Six quilt artists have items on display ranging from silk dyed fabric to art quilts to dolls. It is well worth the trip to see this exhibit. I have just a few of the items shown here. Hopefully, it is enough to entice you to check out the exhibit for yourself. This quilt was made by Dawn Murtaugh and is titled "Dawning."

The next three pictures are of work done by Terry Mominee. The first two are quilted, hand-painted fabric. The third piece is made from pieced dye magnets.

"Novia Minuta Magnetica"
"Nova Supra Magnetica"
"Residual Geology"
Julia Sermersheim's pieces include quilts and fabric dolls.

"Unspecified Squares" is the top quilt, and the bottom three pieces are called "Spiders."
She has "Standing Dolls"...

and "Sitting Dolls."
The bottom quilt, made by Dawn Murtaugh, is titled "Swirling Sunrise." The top fiber piece was made by Lisa Condi and is titled "Progress."
This is Karen Hampton's whole cloth Shibori, snow-dyed silk and is titled "Symmetry."

Dena Baurer's piece is called "Wall Climber."

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