Thursday, June 11, 2009

Working on My Wholecloth Quilt; June UFO Finished

I finally finished my UFO for the UFO Challenge this week. This month my Amish Shadow Quilt is due. If you'd like to see it (back when it was chosen as a UFO), click here-- I did lots of machine quilting on it. Thank goodness I had been working on it all along. I will take a picture of it after I turn it in on the 24th.
Lately I have been working on "Ryan's Wedding Quilt." It is a white wholecloth quilt with LOTS of quilting. Now, here is the story on that...Ryan is my son (now divorced). I guess I should call it Ryan's Divorce Quilt! Anyway, he was engaged when I started it. At first he was getting married in December. I marked the date on the quilt and quilted it in when he called to say the wedding had been moved up to August. So...I ripped out the December date and quilted in the new August date. Then he called to tell us they just couldn't make it work, and they were going their separate ways. So...I ripped out the August date.

I was going to quilt "her" name into the quilt (before the divorce was even on the horizon), but I just couldn't bring myself to do it (thankfully). So...the one good thing is I didn't have to rip her name out. It was marked on the quilt, so I took great pleasure in quilting right over it this week! As I quilted over it, I sang "I'm goin' to wash that girl right out of my hair; I'm goin' to wash that girl right out of my hair!" Now the last ripping out I have to do is Ryan's name. When the quilt is finished, it will reside on my bed. So far, I have over 315 hours of quilting in it and lots more quilting to go. I thought I'd take a picture of it for you.

Those of you that know me very well will recognize my big "quilting helper"--Libby. It is hard to work on this quilt with Libby on top of it, but that seems to be her favorite place to be. When I actually am quilting on it, Libby tries to sit on my lap. It is pretty hard to quilt when I have to work over Libby! I took two pictures; I think one is a better picture of Libby, and the other shows a little more of the quilt. I WILL take a better picture of the quilt when I get a bit more done. I'll keep you apprised of my progress.

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