Monday, June 8, 2009

New Review--Tutto Luggage for Transporting Your Sewing Machine

Right up front, I’d like to say that I am not reimbursed in any way for my review of any product, and I am not affiliated with any company. This review covers Tutto luggage for transporting sewing machines. I own the large-sized Tutto for use with my Janome 6500. (My Bernina 1260 will fit in it too.) I LOVE this bag. I had previously purchased a bag to transport my machine, but I wasn’t very happy with it. It was hard to pull and hard to maneuver through doors and around objects. The Tutto is a different story. It is very easy to pull (even when loaded down with a heavy machine). For transporting a sewing machine, I like the Tutto for the following reasons:
1. four wheels make the bag easier to maneuver and cause less stress on my back and arms
2. the padded U-shaped pull bar (which is attached to both sides of the luggage’s metal frame) and the location of the wheels make the bag more stable when moving it
3. it is light weight
4. there is ample storage space for the machine’s knee lift, foot pedal, power cords, extension cords, and a book or two
5. it folds to about 3” in width for easy storage when not in use
6. there are extra pockets on every side of the bag for carrying miscellaneous items
7. there is an “accessory” bag (I think they may call it a serger bag.) available that can be strapped to this bag providing all the space needed for the “stuff” necessary for a weekend retreat
The “accessory” bag can be attached to the Tutto luggage. This bag can hold a tremendous amount of quilting-related “stuff.” Before I had my Tutto, I had boxes and bags of retreat supplies; it took many trips to unload my car. With the Tutto and the accessory bag, I make one trip. Everything I need will fit into these two pieces of luggage.

I purchased my Tutto luggage at a quilt show (and received a show-special price). The outlay of money is fairly large, but the luggage is SO worth it. I should get a commission…I like mine so much that I have recommended it to all my friends, and many have made the purchase.

You can get more information on Tutto luggage at I did check on to see how the prices were running. As of the time of this review, a large Tutto bag could be purchased for $160 and up. The accessory/serger bag was available for $40 and up.


Anonymous said...

Haven't gotten a chance yet to use my Tutto but it was because of your endorsement that I bought it. I'm sure I won't be sorry as I too had to make several trips to unload everything at retreats. Dana S.

Quilter Beth said...

I'm sure you will love it as much as I do! Thanks for the comment. We'll have to get a retreat together, so you can test it!

randers96 said...

I would have purchased one by now, but don't know what size to purchase for my Janome Heart Truth 2008 machine. The size chart seems out of date, so can anyone help me? I emailed Tutto, but haven't heard from them yet.