Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Messy House and Paducah Quilts

My house is still in quite an uproar...walls knocked out, hardwood floors put in, plastering, electrical work, and painting. Right now, all my furniture is smashed into my sun room (and wherever else it will fit). I have boxes everywhere. My new hardwood floors are covered with paper and tape; my brick wall is covered with plastic. My sewing room (which is packed with "stuff" and is a mess anyway) is a bigger mess than usual, because it now contains items from several other rooms. The painter called today and isn't coming until 8 tomorrow! Arghhhhhhhhh! This is putting quite a strain on my quilting--I'm not getting a lot done. That being said...

I did get my sample finished for a machine applique class I may be teaching for my quilt guild. It is an original design and is hand quilted. I hadn't done any hand quilting for quite awhile, so I REALLY enjoyed doing it.
I have worked all afternoon on editing the quilt photos from the AQS Show in Paducah. I'll be putting more of those up in the next few days. Check back for more pics. The quilts were absolutely awe inspiring! Enjoy!

“Emerald Eyes” by Elizabeth Janowitz from Pinecrest, FL, is an original design. Fused appliqué, thread painting, and fabric painting techniques were used. It is based on the Firekat photograph by Darren Levant and is machine quilted. I am a cat lover, so this one captured my heart. I have another cat quilt that I'll put up later.
Pat Rollie from Los Angeles made "Elephant Walk." This is a wholecloth quilt based on a photo by Steve Bloom. The texture and patterns of the elephant skin are free-motion quilted on a longarm machine. This one made everyone smile when they looked at it. It truly looked like you were observing a real "elephant walk."
“Blushing Triangles 4” won 1st Place, Small Wall Quilts in the Home or Longarm/Midarm Sewing Machine Quilted category. The quilt was made by Gloria Hansen from East Windsor, NJ. It is the fourth in a series of original digital paintings and is based on triangles. She merged her love of digital design with her love of quiltmaking. This quilt just looked "soft" to me. The colors were brilliant.


Darren Levant said...


My name is Darren Levant, and I love the quilt you made from my photograph!

I was interested to know if your quilts are one of a kind or if you can make another one for me.


Darren darrenlevant@gmail.com

Quilter Beth said...

I didn't make the quilt. I just took a photo of the quilt while I was at the show. I did list the maker's name in my blog post. You might try contacting him/her.