Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Even More Paducah Quilts

I'm busy trying to find time to work on my whole-cloth quilt this Memorial Day weekend. So far, I haven't had any luck. My husband is home from Indianapolis, and we are having company practically every day. I do have some more Paducah photos for you, though, and I'm planning on having a picture of me and "Quilt Man" in my next blog entry if I can find it! Hopefully, I'll have more of my work to show you soon--at least I keep hoping I'll get something done...

As I walked by this quilt, I caught Patricia Delaney (the quilt maker) and took her picture by her quilt “Inspiration Draws from Nature’s Art.” She is from Abington, MA. She said that a morning walk inspired drawings of ferns and fiddleheads. Depth and texture in the quilt come from trapunto, thread color, and over 35 different red-and-white fabrics. Hand-applied cording and handmade bias cord edging are features of this quilt. “Heavy Lifting” by Kay Preston from Deep Gap, NC, is a foundation pieced pineapple quilt. Now, I have made a small pineapple quilt, and I know how hard it is. This quilt is spectacular; the colors are stunning.
I included a closeup so you could get a better look at the quilting."Garden of Dream" was made by Fusako Takido from Japan. In the garden footpath, flowers perform a play. The Cattleya orchid has the leading part, supported by wild herbs. The applique on this quilt is SO striking. I think you can click on this picture to get a closeup. The quilting includes trapunto and really adds to the beauty of this quilt.Susan V. Polansky from Dedham, MA, made “Pastoral Disturbance” after the October 2006 schoolhouse massacre. The Amish community responded with forgiveness despite the random victimization of their children.

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