Tuesday, May 12, 2009

House Pic and Trying to Upload Paducah Pics

I am having problems uploading pictures into my blog. I have tried to upload Paducah pictures five times today. They look like they load, but they aren't there. I'll keep working on it. I'm frustrated! Can you tell?

Let me just say up front that this picture doesn't do justice to the mess I have lived in for the past couple of weeks. This picture shows the furniture from my living room and dining room crammed into my sunroom. My sewing room looked pretty much like that too (maybe that is why I haven't gotten any sewing done lately). My living room and dining room had paper on the floor, plastic over the ceiling fans, and no piece of furniture to sit on. Thankfully, some of the mess has been cleared out, and things are slowly returning to "normal." The funny thing is that the painters just finished up yesterday. I decided there just wasn't enough color (the Swiss Coffee color I chose was just too neutral), so I'm repainting two rooms! Hey, at least the mess is mine!

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