Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finally.....Paducah Pictures

"Color Me High on Life" is an original design by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz from Billings, MT. It was quilted on a home sewing machine. I just loved the vibrant colors and the movement in this quilt. I've included a close up picture too. It gives you a better look at the details of the design.
Kirsten Johnston from Ontario, Canada, made the quilt below. It is called "Rosewindow." Magnificent stained glass windows from Europe's medieval cathedrals prompted Kirsten to use Paula Nadelstern's fabrics and template technique to facilitate the creative process. It was home sewing machine quilted. This quilt truly looked like you were looking into a stained glass window with light behind it. It was breathtaking. The closeup gives you an idea of the work involved in a quilt like this. Wow!
Rosewindow won an Honorable Mention Award.

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