Monday, January 22, 2018

“Work” Day

Since I’ve had my Quilter’s Planner, I have been a bit better about making small goals and actually DOING them. I have Quilting To-Do Lists and Personal To-Do Lists. I find I REALLY like drawing that line through completed items on my To-Do Lists. 

On the top of my list this week, is to start on my “Butterfly Migration” quilt. (The quilt was inspired by a radar picture of a butterfly migration.) Right now, I’m in the early stages of work—the not so fun stuff. (finishing the pattern drawing, assigning colors, putting Misty Fuse on the back of my HUNDREDS of fabrics, drawing the templates) The exciting part comes when I actually get to put some of the pieces together.

I find that this is the week I have some time to work on this new project. I have NO IDEA if I can actually make this piece (because I’ve never done anything like it before), but I am excited about it. Today, I am working on assigning colors to the sections I want to start with. Hopefully, I’ll have enough colors assigned and enough fabric prepared to actually start fusing some of the segments together tonight.

Here’s what I’m doing now. I’m referencing my color “master pattern” to label each piece of my drawn (black/white) pattern with a color.
Another “Quilting To Do” in my Quilter’s Planner is to publish at least one blog post a week. I guess I get to cross another “to-do” off my list! Woooooohoooooo!!!!!


Lisa Greenbow said...

Good to see that you are carrying on with this quilt idea. It makes my eyes cross just seeing the layout. Best of luck. I can't wait to see it evolve.

Robbie said...

WOW..what a project! Looking forward to seeing you progress on this one. Good you're following through with your to do book/list! congrats! said...

sometimes this is my most favorite part of the creative process... because it doesn't require... too much in the way of really difficult decisions!!! and other times it feels like busy work!