Thursday, January 11, 2018

Quilt Planner Update

Well, so far so good with my new Quilt Planner. I think one thing that is helping me focus on using the planner is the Instagram Challenge that is going on right now. Each day of January has a new “challenge.” Using #qpbestyearever2018, we have used Instagram to post pictures addressing the following topics so far:
  1. Intro & Selfie
  2. What Makes You Sparkle?
  3. Top 3 Goals
  4. First 2018 Project
  5. Plan for Success
  6. Motivation
  7. Top Tip
  8. Weekly Spread
  9. Favorite Pattern
  10. Quote & Photo
  11. Project Planning
There are 20 more topics for the month. Most of the topics delve into ways to use the pages in the planner. By checking out the hashtag, I can (and you can) see how people are using the planner. If you want to check out my posts, you can do that (along with other posts I’ve made) here.
I also received my new planner cover this week. (I hired a friend of mine to make it for me. She did a great job. Thanks Debbie!) It is a perfect way to protect my planner. 
I think the gray cover will help to keep me from getting the planner too dirty. That is important, because I plan on dragging it around with me all the time. I really like the zipper pocket. Right now, I’m using it to hold some of the ink pens I’m using in the planner. I may discover (as I use the planner more) that it could be better used for something else.
There are lots of things to like about the planner and the planner cover.
(Inside front cover)
(Inside back cover)
The little bottom pocket is the perfect size for business cards. If you’d like to check out the Quilter’s Planner, you can find out more about it here.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Debbie could probably make those covers for other and make some $$. It looks good and is functional. I am glad you are enjoying your planner. It is easier to get into the habit of using it this time of year when life isn't so hectic. Thumbs up.

Robin Stewart said...

That’s neat Beth.

Susan Nixon said...

That's a great cover! I didn't know you were on IG! I just followed you - gingerkwilt You'd never have found me. LOL