Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Piecing Blocks

I've been busy cutting out blocks for my 365 Challenge. These little six inch blocks take "forever" to cut out. Then, it could take more than two hours to piece ONE of them together! I'm STILL enjoying piecing them, though. I'm saving up some of the blocks to piece at a quilt retreat I have in June.

These are blocks I finished this week.

I also finished two "opportunity" blocks for a quilt retreat I have in October.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company has a tutorial for this block. It is called The Disappearing Hour Glass Block. It is VERY quick to make, and I think it will make a pretty quilt. It sure looks more complicated than it is to make. Give it a try.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I love the colors of the blocks in the first picture. They look fresh.

Robbie said...

Interesting pattern...not sure why you don't see my comments...happens to Mary Stori too!

Anonymous said...

Great blocks! I don't want to think about how tiny some of those pieces are in the 6 inch blocks, though! Do you know about the 6" Chatelaine blocks on Rose Johnson's Threadbare site?