Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Retreat Time

I recently had the opportunity to spend three uninterrupted days working on some of my art pieces. A friend of mine lives in Nashville, Indiana, and knew of a space we could rent that would be a great workspace for us. We rented a room in the new Brown County History Center. We set up the room so that we each had a nice area in which to work. The space was really nice, the lighting was great, and I'm pleased with what I got done.

Daren had her workspace...

and I had mine.

It was SO nice to get some totally uninterrupted, concentrated time to work. I got some stitching done on my "extreme embroidery" project and got a new pattern drawn up for a piece I'm beginning.

Daren dyes beautiful fabrics; and after seeing the project I was drawing up (and hearing my vision for the piece) offered up some of her fabrics for me to use for it. (I WILL be sending any leftovers back to her...maybe. LOL!) Check out these gorgeous pieces. They make me anxious to get started on the new piece, but I have some things I need to get finished first (like machine quilting a Chinese Coins quilt for my grandson, finishing some samples for a class I may be teaching, etc, etc, etc.).

Daren cooked each night after we left the retreat--I felt SO pampered. She is such a good cook; these meals were GREAT!

Needless to say, I loved everything about the retreat and I'm ready to go back.



Robbie said...

Lucky lady!!! What fun!!! Aren't we lucky to have such wonderful art mates!

Unknown said...

A quilter who cooks? Who knew? Lol

Lisa Greenbow said...

What a nice opportunity. I can see you had a good time. I love the fabrics.

Dana Kroeger said...

Sounds like so much fun while being so roductive.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a retreat! I love it! Those fabrics are amazing. I'd be tempted to keep leftovers, too. =)